The Truth will set us Free

There is a very real possibility that World War Two was a massive deception and the truth is that Germany actually won. Sure they lost control of their borders and had to leave their country but the Third Reich just became the Forth and moved to America with Operation Paperclip. The birth of the CIA in 1947 and NASA in 1958 funnelled all of those scientists, most of whom were Nazis, into the United States scientific community really was the beginning of the deep state. The CIA had a specific agenda, which is pure Evil.

We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program is Complete When Everything The American Public Believes is False.

William Casey, CIA Director 1981

Central Intelligence Agency. Because of the excessive secrecy surrounding CIA operations, little is known about its domestic activities. In its 1947 charter, the CIA was prohibited from spying against Americans, in part because President Truman was afraid that the agency would engage in political abuse. But the law didn’t stop the CIA from spying on Americans. During the 1960s, in clear violation of its statutory mission to co-ordinate foreign intelligence operations only, the CIA ventured into the domestic spying business through “Operation Chaos,” in which it spied on as many as 7,000 Americans involved in the peace movement.

Operation Mockingbird was a covert U.S. government operation run by the CIA to implant pro-US propaganda in American media and front organizations. Starting in the 1950s, the CIA began to hire and contract students and people in the media to write false stories, or embellish stories to favor the U.S government.
In 1967, it was proven in Ramparts magazine that even the National Student Organization was being funneled money by the CIA for festivals and other events. Using phoney companies and mysterious benefactors, these collectives created massive amounts of propaganda, using the average American student.

It was blown open in 1977 when famed journalist Carl Bernstein, who also, with his partner Bob Woodward, exposed the Watergate scandal in 1974. In his 1977 piece, The CIA and the Media, Bernstein revealed that certain reporters not only were paid by the U.S government, they also engaged in more extensive relationships with the CIA, even sharing notebooks, and some were paid upwards of $500,000 for their work.

Some have alleged that these operations and front organizations still exist, despite little evidence. Still, it’s always beneficial to make sure your information is real. In Operation Mockingbird the CIA was found guilty, to have been embedded in the broadcasting companies of America. And at the end of that investigation, they said they would never do it again but the fact is… they never stopped and instead they doubled down.

It’s very hard for us to fight against an enemy that’s been changing history, controlling the news and changing the narrative at the same time as dumbing down the population. Not to mention, at the same time changing the science and controlling academia.

Then of course, you have the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s really an offshoot of the Cecil Rhodes Round Table, the Rhodes scholarship. The Council on Foreign Relations is extremely dangerous because you have policymakers that are mapping a course society, towards a New World Order.

Some of these policy makers inside the Council on Foreign Relations, our elected officials. So they’re in actual contravention of Their elected positions, it’s illegal. And many of them attend the Bilderberg meetings, again, it’s illegal. But this has been going on for a long time, behind our backs but mostly in front of our faces.

So what it creates is a discord in the entire Society, we have elected officials that are serving two masters. One of them is their constituents and the other one is some foreign controlled Think Tank. Therefore; truth is more important than it ever was. We have to find the truth. We need the whole truth. We can handle the truth, it’s coming out anyway.

When we use this expression, “Nothing can stop what is coming”, what we’re referring to, is the truth.

Nothing can stop the truth from coming. It’s such a powerful thing and our need to know is so intense. There’s so many of us that need to know. In the Great Awakening. All these cliches. This is funny, the Great Awakening has woken up people that are just beginning to understand that we’ve been captured. Our governments are captured operations. Most people are just beginning to understand that Big Pharma is not interested in your health, or anyone’s health. This has been a tough wake-up call for many.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, JAN 1980 – Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State; Klaus Schwab and Edward Heath, former Prime Minister, United Kingdom, at the European Management Symposium, the predecessor of the World Economic Forum in Davos in 1980.

We’re just beginning to understand that you can’t get to Justice through the justice department and that the FBI is not representing the interests of the people. We’re just beginning to understand that a group out of Davos, Switzerland started by Klaus Schwab, who is actually a protege of Henry Kissinger. Once Upon a Time, created the group; World economic forum (WEF), and he actually had a plan from the very beginning, to take over the world.

WEF have infiltrated the United Nations, which they controlled Subvert lie through the IMF which they also infiltrated and through dozens and dozens of other nongovernmental organizations, all filled with unelected officials who are all marching to the same beat of an evil entity.

Only the truth can set us free and we’re going to be knowing the truth within the next couple of years. Every Deed that was committed in the dark will be brought to light and everyone will know. The gig is up and there time is over.

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