The Writing is on the Wall, These People are Evil

Stand up for your rights. It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

We live in perilous times, doing nothing is not an option. Written on the wall is that a cabal of billionaire elitists, emanating from Switzerland, have hatched a plot to take over the world. The plan is to implement the New World Order. Canada is the case study and Trudeau it’s role model. We are very close to losing our freedom. Once we lose freedom of expression, online, and we’re censored, our voice is censored online in, Canada, we have no way to fight back against the cabal that is taking over.

Recently the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States which btw isn’t Federal and has no Reserve. They announced a pilot program for social credit score in America. China already has the model well in place and everybody’s aware this is the plan of the enemy that wants to enslavement us, to take away our freedoms, by using electronic surveillance. In some cases surveillance from inside your body but in any case people who use a cell phone will be captured. 

We can be easily enslaved. Especially once there is full digital currency, and no more use of paper currency, it would be the entire enslavement. And this is why America is the Last Hope and Bastion of Freedom. The rest of us, our governments have been infiltrated by Young leaders from the world economic Forum. They’ve infiltrated every government in the world. The point is that we are in a fight for everything. If we lose this, you and me, we are enslaved forever. 

This War of Good vs Evil is primarily a war with words and ideas, facts and Truth. Truth is the best weapon in an info War. Everyone needs to stand up for their rights on higher moral ground, to protect their own freedom and liberty Freedom to speak, liberty to come and go when and where you want. Freedom to spend your time however you desire, provided it does not infringe on another souls rights. 

Read watch listen study rinse and repeat as a digital Soldier. It is your responsibility to search for the facts. Facts lead to the truth. You can’t just take other people’s opinions as fact, you need to search to find corroborating evidence to build your own truth. Then armed with the truth, you have a weapon called the “Red Pill” and every day, there’s somebody out there, that you cross paths with to whom you can give a red pill. However, you need to know the facts, have the data, get the story straight and then you have the truth. And that’s what a red pill is so go out and give them to people, it’s your duty if you want to win this war.

The next Battlefield is this climate change narrative. And then the green New Deal. We have been lied to again and it’s all about trying to enslave us with the fear that if we drive a car and burn gas, Or we emit too much carbon that our world is going to end fear, the fear that they blame us for. Climate change. Climate is another word for weather. The weather always changes the climate, always changes. In a century there hasn’t been a half a degree difference in global temperatures. The evil cabal are lying to us again. Electric cars are using nuclear reactors to generate power in the United States, to charge them, or coal plants. Electric cars may be one of the biggest deceptions to have ever been foisted upon us. 

And some countries, they’re banning Fossil fuel cars. And this is also a misnomer, fossil fuel as we come to learn the deep in the earth Down Under the magma. There is a constant production of oil and oil is sustainable. Oil can be used forever and ever. Canada has enough oil and gas to power the world, without any damage to the environment. New modern Technologies can improve the efficiency of combustion engines, also we can move towards hydrogen.

The entire Green New Deal is an incredible deception by the same people who brought us the scam-demick, the jab and the masks. Mail-in ballots is how the evil cabal managed to steal the 2020 election, perhaps the largest crime in human history. These people are evil but their lie Is over. Enjoy the show! 

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