Nothing can stop what is coming, Nothing

Welcome to Red October, the last act in the Q plan, nothing can stop it.

The Hunt for Red October did not make sense to me before, now it does, as we’re watching a “Red-Wave” happen in America. Also, Red October was a movie about a Russian submarine, and now the mainstream media is telling us to expect Russian retaliation for the Nordstream pipeline attack, by the cutting of the communication cables across Atlantic. Prepare for a blackout of the Internet, nothing can repair those cables once they are cut, much easier to repair an underwater pipeline. 

The Law of War, Chapter 11.3 marks the start, that was November 3rd of 2020, when the U.S. election was stolen. Trump never conceded, he challenged Congress with three options; reinstall him as president, or put Trump on the 2022 ballot for the midterm elections, (that was fair), or arrest him as an election denier (unprecedented). 

Juan O Savin says we are going to get a gut punch, which would be the arrest of trump. Along with that one, a bunch of Truth bombs dropped recently from 107. One was about Chemtrails, explained as a military defense against ballistic and hypersonic missiles. The Military spray aluminum oxide particles into the atmosphere and add to jet fuel, then use Haarp technology (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) .

Nothing to see here… the most prominent instrument at HAARP is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere and this technology is used to defend against missiles and all of the government’s now have them. 

Weather modification is another out-of-control issue that MilSpecOps Monkey explains on MonkeyWerx with No fly zones over top where there’s weather modification. 

NESARA and GESARA (National Economic Security and Recovery Act and Global Economic Security and Reform Act ) was another truth bomb, as there will NOT be a broadscale global currency revaluation. Where the Zim, Dong and Dinar would make instant billionaires of those currencies (and others), all over the world. The US dollar has its own plan, to become a Treasury Note and to become gold-backed. Gold and silver is constitutional currency. U.S. Treasury Note could also be partially backed by domestic energy production. 

5G truth bomb shocker was that 5G Tech can boil water at 5 miles, with just two towers. Humans are like a bag of water with everyone carrying a cell phone, which has GPS locator attached. We are walking targets and become very easy to enslave and control. This 5G tech conspiracy theory is connected to the CV19 but is a concern. We did learn that Spike proteins can be broken up with ultrasound, also graphene oxide can be pulled out of the body using breakthrough medicine. Plus there are many things in development to help with vaccine injury, lots of Technology, the future of medicine will be incredible, lots of room for more research. The future looks bright.

Med beds is very misunderstood and another truth bomb. Rife Technology is over 100 years old, there have been many advancements in Rife technology and huge advancements in diagnostic equipment similar to a Med bed, but it’s not alien technology. Yes, we can expect amazing cutting-edge medical technology in the near future but maybe more importantly the grip of Big-Pharma is about to be broken and free-up laws to allow the introduction of breakthrough technologies and hidden knowledge. The cure for cancer has been supressed for a long time, these patents and thousands of other will be released to the world. 

It’s important to realize that election interference by foreign powers is considered an act of War. Trump is the Wartime Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military and remains in control until the 2020 Election is rectified and corrected. Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado was locked down by Trump (in an abundance of caution, he said) March 15th 2020, executive order #1391 declaring a National Emergency, concerning the novel coronavirus disease. National Emergency declaration invoked five, or more authorities. One of which was call-up the National Guard Reserves, up to 1 million reserves. And now over two years later, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Trump was correct, in that we were attacked with a Bio-weapon.

Derrick Johnson has done a great job in providing evidence that the National Guard have been active all over North America using air traffic reports flight trackers. He proves that we’re in a war. Punch is the arrest of trump and that’s coming. That the EBS must happen, 10 days of darkness, it’s a not a literal Darkness, its communication Darkness therefore expect to be offline and prepare to shelter in place. 

America is at war against foreign enemies that have infiltrated the U.S. government. The interlopers (enemy) has amassed inside the Senior Executive Service (SES) that we’re up against. SES have also gone underground into Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS).

Military Tribunal will begin only after the flip of Military Justice. Juan says that the only real Truth and Justice happens, in the full light of day. Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is where the truth proves everything we need to know, research Guantanamo. You can see for yourself, the facility has been prepared for tribunals.

Russia is starting military tribunals in Donbas, to put on trial, those who were caught trying to make a nuclear meltdown at an operating reactor, producing energy in Ukraine. 

All these truth bombs is why we need 10 days of mass educational documentaries. Dark to light, to calm the masses and educate the people all over the world, explain everything that’s happened, how it happened, why it happened and who is responsible. Only the truth will set us free and nothing can stop what is coming.


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