Why trust the Q plan?

I had to consider that Q was a psyop (psychological operation). I always recognized that it was Very high level and likely using AI (Artificial intelligence) because of the exact nature of the content and timestamps, plus the sequencing of the posts. However, the key reason why I trust the plan, is Trump. 

Trump from the very beginning, was a ray of Hope (in my opinion). Finally an outsider to take on the Deep State Cabal

If you ever watched his television show, “The Apprentice” you could see that he was very good at leadership and management, plus the fiscal responsibility of money, which was always an aspect of the contests on his show. Added to that, his book “The Art of the Deal” is by any standard, a master-work.

Having experienced bankruptcy himself three times, I thought Trump would be ideal to handle the situation, as I understood it at the time, with USA moving towards bankruptcy. The TARP Funds of the Financial crisis of 2007–2008 had been stolen by Wall Street, rather than pay-off the Credit Default Swaps (derivatives), which were kicked down the road, as a ticking time bomb. To add insult to injury, record number of homes were foreclosed upon, despite that being what was supposed to be bailed-out.

As we came to learn by researching Q-drops, the Federal Reserve System was bankrupting United States of America (again), with their FIAT currency, backed by nothing. Again, my thought was that Trump would be perfect, to unravel the financial disaster that had been created, since the beginning of the Federal Reserve System in America. Indeed, the SWAMP was born of a deception that goes all the way back to a previous bankruptcy in 1871. We learn from Q that the District of Columbia is a foreign power.

All history and financial scandal aside, what really sold me personally about Donald Trump, was his mission statement, when his administration first took presidential office. 

It was so powerful… “that his Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking”. I was in shock to see that statement, when we expected to read that it was to make America great again, or some other type of political slogan. Not at all… what he was attacking head-on, was the Babylon Beast System. Until now allot of people don’t know about human trafficking, many still ignore it, many consider it a conspiracy theory.

In America, the human trafficking is massive, it’s epidemic. And you can notice that the numbers are highest closest to Washington, DC. for example, the state of Virginia, has the highest per capita missing children ratio in the United States. And the number drops, the further away from Washington DC you go, isn’t that a strange thing?  

Back to why I trust the Q plan. 

Trump is the Reason, Not Just Trump, I mean he was invited, to run for president and the people who created the plan that I trust, they trusted in Trump. And ever since he came on the scene, I believe he’s proved himself to be even more exceptional than they could have imagined. I believe he’s made some mistakes for sure, they were usually in personnel, that we found out later, he couldn’t Trust.

For the most part, all of the Laws that Trump put into effect and all of the moves that he made, even all of the statements that he’s made, I believe have helped to make the world a better place and moved us small steps closer towards being free again. Any division he’s caused was necessary because the war of good vs evil demands that good take command of the high moral ground.

Do you honestly think the Deep State would need to fabricate the Pee Pee Dossier (Russia collusion lie), out of whole-clothe, in order to frame a charge against Trump. If he had actually committed a serious crime, at any time, in his very lengthy career, don’t you think a reporter would have found it? Do you think Robert Mueller, former FBI Director was incompetent? Where’s the BEEF? Have you any idea how much money was available for dirt on DJT? The best they could do was character assassination and disgusting locker-room banter, or a sleezy Stormy Daniels set-up, using all the mainstream media in the world, to relentlessly pound away, never did they once, even to this day, mention a single accomplishment – Trump has many worth mentioning.

Trump promised to give the government and the country, back to “We the People”. He is not a super hero, or our saviour. He is a true patriot that truly loves America. One courageous man who was willing to risk everything he has, everything he loves and his own life, to defeat an evil malignant cancer, that had metastasized in Washington DC, better known as the Swamp.

Trump and the Patriots used content marketing, and social media to first awaken the masses, then teach us by way of witnessing world events, reading the COMS and learning the breadcrumbs of the Q Plan. We learned what had happened to enslave America and how we needed to unite, to take back the Republic.

Today, on the last day of September, there are 8 deltas that match time stamps. One of them is very special and important, plus it finally makes sense;




Red October is a movie about a Russian submarine, this year it all begins to make sense. News media predict underwater cross-Atlantic communication cables to be cut, in retaliation for Nordstream gas pipelines being attacked. Meanwhile, a massive red wave is about to arrive for the mid-term elections and the Deep State Dems & Rhinos are about to be washed away.

P.S – Guess who is Q+?



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