The Law of War is the Source of Q

Donald Trump told us he was invited to run for president of the United States. Many people don’t really understand that, or they don’t question who invited him? Nobody just wakes up one day and decides to become a president… anywhere. You have to have marketing-infrastructure, you have to have a team with a plan, that’s why there had to be a manual for “The Law of War“.

A widely held theory is that Trump was invited by a group of generals and military intelligence that we now refer to now as the “Q team”. Some say 200 generals initially that had been working clandestinely, behind the scenes, they were aware of the infiltration of the US government, as well as the military. The Q team believed that Trump might be the person to put out front the plan to save the world.

Law of War Manual

The Q plan for global legal action was hatched in the manual called The Law of War, by the Department of Defense, first written in 2015. This legal operations Manuel was edited once more after Trump gained the office of Presidency in 2016, then the following autumn Q was launched, in 2017. 

Everything in Q is with military Precision, there’s no accidental statements, there’s no Meaningless comments, every post has the purpose of a breadcrumb leading back the Law of War. Even to this day, we can come back to those posts, based on time-stamps of the people whom are in the original posts. So what they have been doing is building an army of digital soldiers, with the breadcrumbs.

We Anons who follow along and learn the slogans, for example, military is the only way. Another one is, the first arrest, will Shock the World. Another one is crimes against children will unite all of humanity. Then, of course, you have where we go one, we go all. Several of these Q’isms gone mainstream. This strategy has united tens of millions of followers worldwide and we believe Q is a Military operation.

During heightened awareness, the world began to know us as the Qarmy, so the mainstream media didn’t know how to counter the narrative, all they did was make themselves look stupid by calling us deranged conspiracy theorists, still never gave a concerted effort to discredit the source (Law of War), they just called it QAnon, which is a misnomer to confuse the sheeple. Q was communicating with Anons (anonymous followers) and the dialogue in-which were left breadcrumbs, these enabled Anons to figure out some of the hidden meanings.

Never has Q stated anything sinister, cruel or evil, however related to our collective enemy they did tell us many times; “these people are sick”. Mostly related to the crimes against children.

President Trump remains Commander-in-Chief of the Military

Article II of the Constitution extended President Trump’s Power as President via Executive Orders 12170, 13848, 13919, 13912, Title 10, 10 US Code 12406, 10 US Code 1209, the Stafford Act, and Presidential Emergencies Act (amongst many others) federalizing the National Guard in January 2021.

The Orders won’t be rescinded until National Emergencies are ADDRESSED and displayed to the public.

Q Source is connected to the law of war, which expands on the Geneva conventions and broadens and clarifies them. Also the plan uses Unified Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which is Constitutional Law. There’s one person who, thank God, has come forward to explain this in detail and his name is Derek Johnson, he’s a retired army veteran that once had Top secret military clearance himself.

The Military & Constitution Regulated Inauguration – President Trump by Derek Johnson

Derek previously worked in Army missile systems and was trained in the digital control systems of ballistic missiles. Now he’s retired and as he explains why only a Veteran can tell us what is really going on, as an enlisted person cannot tell what their mission is, or you’d be court-martial-ed. See you take an oath to secrecy in the Military and they’ve made people hold tight to the secrecy, but Derek was able to share the truth in a series of documents.

Derek put himself through law school and achieved top marks. He received invitations to go to Officer school or go to West Point, instead he took the path of a general and joined the regular army putting aside his law degree.

With his legal background, he is able to explain, in a set of documents that Donald Trump wrote executive orders as a president and they all had consequences. And in the military legal system, the military has to follow orders. We live in a country of Law and Order and some people still follow orders. And as Derek Johnson would explain it. We are in a global military operation, Q is a military operation and there is a huge War taking place, that no one’s been told, for reasons that you will understand once you know, But they’ve kept it completely secret, as to what’s been going on since 2020.

So, a very famous Q-ism to know, to keep you calm; Trust the plan.

Law of War is the source of Q – learn the facts click here



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