AARON JUDGE Breaks Home Run Record

Congratulations to Aaron Judge the new Home Run King, broken was a record set, with 61 in 1961. 

In 1961, Roger Maris of the Yankees smashed 61 home runs, breaking the major league record set by another Yankees star, Babe Ruth, who had hit 60 in 1927.

Maris’s record was eventually surpassed by three different players, all of whom have been connected to performance-enhancing drugs. But on Wednesday night at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Aaron Judge — yet another Yankee, and an outfielder who has played his entire career in the era of drug testing — matched Maris’s famous mark, hitting his 61st home run of what has been a spectacular season.

This is something that Jacob Israel was talking about. And I took interest because I’m 61 years old born in nineteen, sixty one. All year I’ve been saying sixty one from sixty one (1961), sort of like a mantra. Just an interesting data point, as MilSpecOp Monkey would say but Jacob Israel really explained it best with – The Prophetic Meaning of AARON JUDGE Breaking Home Run Record! Yankees vs Pirates #Exodus Now 

I can remember the first technology as a child. It was called the etcher sketch board and it had two dials on it. And you could go up with one writer left with the other up or down, right or left. And we could make amazing patterns and designs with the extra sketch board. That reminds me now. Of the Google search engine. Because it contain you inside of a little box.

I also remember when Yahoo came out in the early days of the internet. Well before, Google If you could get your website submitted correctly and listed in Yahoo, it was an overnight success. I especially remember it with online casino in 1995 because we were one that got a listing. And then they started making it a paid for service and sort of changed it. But Along Came Google. Lo and behold. They had technology and computer resources that are unimaginable to any regular start-up, so they had a leg up from before the startup .

Computing resources so powerful here they were able to map the entire internet, twice a month. And they what was it? Every actually three weeks they would completely refresh the Google search engine and it was really exciting in the beginning. And again I watched this is where it changed with invest offshore. We would be on the first page sometimes with Offshore Banking and the Giants in the industry went to Google and said this is crazy. We’re a big bank and Google started to Lies. The front page listings and monopolize. Well before we even heard Shadow Banning 

Invest offshore with Shadow band. I don’t care. I knew I knew all along. That I was snubbing my nose that Powerful entities in the offshore World Banks, Etc, but fast-forwarding, it’s affected. The Internet. In a very profound way. Because truth is dead. It’s impossible to use the search engines to get to the truth. It’s like the extra sketch board where every topic you can only go up. So many words, or so many phrases and the, the pages are controlled. And after you, flip through five pages, it’ll say, we’ve given you all the most relevant. Results in. Search topic. 

It’s crazy. So they control every topic into their advantage. Wikipedia has become bad as well. There’s so many examples but that’s all going to change because the storm has arrived, were in it. 

Fact check now means the defacto truth has been determined, you are finished searching this topic. 

So what happens all the time with this Google search engine at your sketch? Being stuck in a box you can search five times or look five pages deep On Any Given topic. And it doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s a controversial topic, especially anything to do with the jab, or the mask, what you will find is fact-check, like, the more fact checks, you see, the higher likely, it is that you’ve stumbled upon a very controversial topic. Which you are not allowed to have the correct answer.

Here’s my example. When the experimental vaccine, which isn’t actually a vaccine, they had to change the definition of vaccine to include. The experimental.  Gene therapy. There’s Fauci. He’s brilliant. Phrase, gene therapy. So with the experimental Gene, modification injection. When it was first started to be administered, a lot of complaints were coming from the unvaccinated healthcare workers who were in very close proximity to healthcare workers. Who had had the Jab. And many of the stories were quite horrific with women, had to do with missing menstrual periods and a lot of heavy, discomfort, headaches, and even miscarriages.

That’s from what is known as vaccine shedding in the hospital’s once upon a time, there were assigned above the Maternity Ward, or on the door that would read. If you’ve been vaccinated within the last 90 days, please don’t come into the Maternity Ward. So, a lot of people knew. But back to the story with the search engines, you’ll hit five pages, deep of fact-check impossible. There is no such thing as the unvaccinated getting shedding.

If you look up the word prion, you can find out for yourself and the truth will all come out in time. Anyway, but the fact of the matter is Is this is such a diabolical bioweapon that it’s able to affect people who didn’t inject themselves with it. If they work or stay or live in close proximity and especially those that have had the boosters, the 4th booster. Yep, beware heads up.

The truth will set us free, slaves no more.

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