Aweber and FormStack vs MailChimp and NinjaForms

Aweber and FormStack help keep our connection

Not so long ago it was good enough to use the “Contact form” built into WordPress since the beginning but a few instant problems arise mostly due to mailserver being separate from Apache or Linux web server software.

Sending any amount of bulk email is always going to have bounce backs, there’s a rule-of-thumb in web development to keep these server functions separate.

Using a 3rd party to manage and send bulk email is just good practice, once a list grows beyond a few hundred subscribers, it’s way better to rent the service from one of many service providers. My two top favourites are Aweber and MailChimp, each of them can connect with 3rd party form services. We are testing FormStack and NinjaForms.

Another WordPress Ap called Newsletter is very impressive for being able to prefrom everything that can be done with the above tools, just a much more bare-bones platform, so you would need design skills.

Aweber and MailChimp both have vast resources of tutorials, templates, and self-help videos, plus fabulous support and all sorts of webinars and secondary coaching and consulting. It’s truly amazing how big this market sector has become and it’s reflected in the quality of the products.

So far I’m preferring FormStack just slightly because it can connect to WebMerge, which is really cool tech that enables multiple groups to work on a the same document. In other words pass information to be completed by another authorized user, for example a bank or grocery store.

The sophistication involved Aweber and MailChimp is already amazing but when you add FormStack with Webmerge, or NinjaForms with their partners for the same systems, what you have is the capabilities of a giant institution, or tech giant, in your hands, for under $100 per month.

Aweber and FormStack Photo on Visual hunt

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