My Self-Reliance YT Channel

My Self-Reliance YT Channel

Canada has produced some great content creators on YouTube and one of my favourites is Shawn James and his dog Kelly, at their cabin in Northern Ontario. The Channel is called My Self-Reliance.

There’s allot to learn from this channel and it’s amazing to see so many people watch it and that Shawn has become a role model and inspiration for so many people all over the world.

Aside from sharing the tasks, tips and travails of living in the wilderness there’s much more to learn too about his consciencious lifestyle and why he decided to go off-grid and live off the land (as much as possible).

The production values are extremely high and the editing with music and intro and outro as well as the blending and merging of different shots and angles are extraordinaire. After having been a viewer for a couple of years I can see the improvement in the finished product.

Recently Shawn travelled to Alaska to stay 2 nights at his hero Richard (Dick) Proenneke the author of “Alone in the Wilderness”.

The series of Alaska wildlife on My Self-Reliance YT Channel and the commentary about living and lifestyle in the wilderness of Alaska are as good, in terms of quality of information, as you will find anywhere.

His Other Channel: Shawn James


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