Stone Town Genetics, Spice Island Cannabis Seed Bank

Cannabis Industry experts from Canada are in a search of the next great strain by genetically breeding superior quality cannabis. A 12 acre organic farm was obtained and a collaboration began, between Zanzibar and Canada, to grow Cannabis on the Spice Island.

This BUSINESS PLAN is to scientifically collect, cultivate, catalog and publish the genetic profiles of landrace strains of cannabis from AFRICA, then produce seeds, flower and extract for commercial export to Europe, America and Canada.

MISSION: To establish ZANZIBAR in its global place; as the SPICE ISLAND CANNABIS SEED BANK

Historically Zanzibar has been a major trading hub throughout history, due to its geographical presence in the East African Indian ocean. One of the major vital crops throughout the region’s history is the Cannabis plant, unlike common misconceptions the cannabis plant has come back to the scientific world as one of the most important medicinal crops available to the human being today.

Zanzibar is the Spice Island

According to; “A brief agricultural history of cannabis in Africa, from prehistory to canna-colony”1 Scholars have argued that a strategy to advance economic development, is to allow farmers legal access to domestic and/or international markets for cannabis. Economic arguments for cannabis liberalization have been strong in other parts of the world, and strengthened by the revenues generated since 2014 in legalized markets in several U.S. states and Canada.

Stone town, Zanzibar

Cannabis came to Africa at least 1,000 years ago, Historical farmers grew the crop in a wide range of conditions, and harvested inflorescences. Cannabis gardens were documented in eighteenth-century South Africa and Mozambique, and nineteenth-century Egypt, Angola, Gabon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tunisia, and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It was a field crop in Angola in the 1890s, and Botswana in the 1880s, where it was the only irrigated crop. Yet the plant also grew in isolated patches away from farmland across Central Africa (1850s-1900s), and people harvested feral plants in São Tome (1860s) and South Africa (1890s).

Stone Town, Zanzibar

The recent legalization of drug type cannabis for commercial production and recreational use in Canada, several US States, and other countries worldwide, as well Hemp under the US 2018 Farm Bill has created renewed scientific interest in developing a robust empirical classification system for cannabis. To that end, in our plan a particular focus has been placed on Health Canada lab testing.

With a strict focus on quality as well as a commitment to constant research and development, Stone Town Genetics has market-leading CO2 Extraction equipment from Canada, that is re-defining the capabilities of traditional Cannabis extraction methodologies. Our scientific testing capability with access to compare the Data collected by Health Canada and Certified cannabis testing labs.

Vitalis Extraction from Kelowna, BC

In industrial botanical oil extraction, the goal is to achieve a fast extraction rate, maximize oil production, and increase profits. The tuneability of CO2 as a solvent, and the technology within the extraction equipment give ample opportunities to tweak the extraction parameters and meet this goal. The founders are expert in the operation of cannabis extraction equipment.

Stone Town Genetics provide certified laboratory cannabis testing and cannabinoid research to study the landrace strains of Africa for the purpose of capitalizing on cannabis cultivation and introducing best practices to Africa for commercial production of Medicinal Grade Cannabis.

Objective: Open a world class cannabis processing facility as the “Spice Island Cannabis Seed Bank” and collect, cultivate and propagate medical grade cannabis seeds, flower and extract.



  1. Ark of the Covenant Restored by Lambs Bread - Silicon Palms - December 13, 2020

    […] Stone Town Genetics is a project with a plan to harness the economic power of cannabis by creating an African Cannabis Seed Bank, plus all the scientific genetic profiles to breed superior cannabis strains by having the control of the Lambs Bread strain by breeders rights arbitration. […]

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