Hive Blog Rocks the Blockchain

Hive Blog Rocks the Blockchain

Today I feel like I did on the first day of learning the world wide web was completely next-level compared to Compuserve, AOL and Prodigy but for many reading this they may only vaguely recognize the mention of those first 3 online platforms. Back then AOL was much more engaging than the web but it didn’t take long and everyone was learning the difference. Today Hive Blog rocks the Blockchain

In 2017 I joined Steemit and after a few posts and some browsing I lost interest and went back to Youtube, Twitter and Facebook plus I kept joining other socials to learn the difference and find ways to connect them all together. WordPress is the powerhouse of harnessing all the power of the socials, so it’s all about finding ways to integrate them into a website.

Now as the big Tech giants threaten to banish our voice from those platforms, we are forced to seek out new places where we won’t be challenged in the future for actively expressing our own opinions without recrimination. Steemit protected the freedom of expression on a Blockchain and paid people in crypto for producing good content. The idea was solid but the founder lost the confidence of his developers and followers, so a fork was spawned and it was

Now has become the rave with a fork from Steemit and a new vibrant community has exploded around the old platform, more or less taking it over from Steem and expanding on what was best in the previous version. This protection of content inspires me to create again.

The migration over to from Steemit was so incredibly slick, I was impressed by all the new encryption keys that I was generated. Big warning here, never lose your Keys because there’s no central admin to reset your password, if you lose them you lose your account with wallet and tokens.

This content platform has rewards to upvoting and pure liquid democracy of online group moderation. Very exciting to be involved with and feel so content on a Blockchain, even if it is in a cloud, it’s so de-centralized and with nodes galore and a huge testnet. In conclusion; Steem/Hive is a web developers dream. Total bullet-proof autonomy in cyber space.

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