Your body is a temple, receiver and conduit

If a tree were a temple, when the forest is threatened by an intruder like a pine beetle, the tree hundreds of miles away begin to defend themselves in a natural way, even years before the beetles reach that part of the forest. Scientists know this happens but they don’t know how the trees communicate, the natural world is connected in mysterious ways.

Wim Hof likewise has proven scientifically, as have other proponents of his discipline, that ice bathes, breathing and mind mastery can enable the body chemistry to change in measurable ways that were not previously known.

On the temple side of this thought, is that the closer a person could get their intake of food, juice and water to the bare minimum and the highest possible consumption of super foods, organic live food and hormone-free meat and cheese, with the correct balance to obtain optimum health. Then this is the body to become a receiver and then a conduit of high energy.

If we trust in God and we keep a clean temple, then whatever circumstance or challenge that we face, we can be confident in our own faith. It’s the commitment to high standards that provides value and satisfaction in life, this makes it worthwhile, to always think about self-improvement.

I wish I knew how to be happy when I was younger, when I remember some of my sessions of self-loathing it makes me sad because all it was is a mind disconnected from God and not programmed to think constructively. It’s important to learn what it means to audit what you are thinking and practice correcting negative thinking with a vigilance.

Time is precious, don’t wait until you have little left, to learn how to clean your temple and re-activate your receiver, so you can be a conduit of positive energy that lights up the world, wherever you go.

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