Truth is King and Virtue is Real

The march towards Mount Zion begins, the process to enthrone the Truth as King. This is the most exciting adventure of a lifetime, or maybe a zillion lifetimes. You, me and every soul alive are approaching the peak of the roller coaster ride and the climax for all humanity.

We’ve been led around a bunch of corners, up and down over some hills but now the big drop approaches. The moment we all knew was coming, when we awoke and boarded this train. Here we go, hang on, and get ready for the Great Tribulation.

Surely the evidence has convinced you that something Biblical is taking place here on earth. Or are you in denial of the signs and signals passed down through millennia. Perhaps you’d like to say that every generation thought they were in end times and lunatics believe in the Book of Revelations, or maybe it’s all Trump’s fault?

Whatever your excuse there’s no getting around the fact that a war is taking place, but it’s mainly information-based. Most people realize that the truth is being censored, or shall we say that news is being suppressed, to support the views by a very concentrated global media manipulation. This is deception, plain and simple.

Media mind control is what we are witnessing, and scientific media manipulation, from the top down, in a very well organized strategy that is rather asymmetrical but has many tentacles connected to the World Economic Forum and puppet strings to Gates Foundation that control funding to a myriad of global organization related to the UN.

A Global Take-over attack is under way and the China Communist Party has partnered with the Democratic Party of the United States in a coup attempt of the U.S. Government. With 86 days until the election, the forces of global domination have all aligned themselves against the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States.

Media is owned by the Globalists, Academia has been largely bought and corrupted into socialist doctrine, the plandemic was all part of the plan but it was a fail and exposed the evil. The great awakening was too much truth against badly presented false narratives, for example Black Lives Matter has been rejected by African American’s and Antifa has revolted masses.

A silent majority has coalesced and many, many of former Democrat supports have decided in their hearts that they love America and the risk of a cancel culture ideal is too great. They fly pretend to be Dem’s but when the ballot is being cast and they ask themselves the truth; can Trump make America Great Again (MAGA) the undeniable response is that giving him four more years can’t possibly be a bad thing.

Good will triumph over evil but too what degree? Truth is King and virtue is making a big comeback. There has been corruption and crimes against morality that can not and must not go unpunished, if we are ever to be able to trust elected leaders again. Together we are stronger, means that everyone has to be treated the same by law and justice.

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