From a tiny spark…

From tiny spark...
From tiny spark…

Today my story is all about the imagination and how to find that spark. found both of these two photos in the search term “bursting”. I’ve been so inspired lately and such incredible things have fallen into alignment, the circumstances of my life find me in the most amazing moment. Ignition!

By good old hard work and constant persistence, if one project went sour there were three more on the simmer. A few of my deals have been on the burner for years and involved expensive reconnaissance and several false-starts, as well as unplanned legal fees.

So the story begins over a year ago when I meet a man seeking half a billion dollars to build indoor vertical gardening. It seemed like a reasonable idea to me so a passed the project forward to a consultant for a China construction company, they call it ‘modern gardening’ and said yes, sure we’ll be your partners, under a few conditions. For example the labour can come from local but the engineering and procurement of steel and heavy industrial parts and power grid components must come from China.

Turns out that engineers from China have already constructed every type of vertical garden, or aquaculture farm, with luxury hotels even, build over top of protected reefs. There’s a new revolution in eco construction where the engineers are beginning to understand how to reduce impact of development and still re-claim giant swaths of land from the swamps of mangroves or even from the sea.


Finally the minds of man are catching on to how to have luxury comfort and service of urban living, while preserving the natural beauty and not destroying the environment to achieve the a mix of multi-use, multi-function and most importantly grown food and host green area in as much space as possible.

An industry blooming to refurb white-elephant shopping malls into Agriplex Gro-Malls to raise fish and grow food

The malls of the future will become hi-tech grow-ops where everything you can think of to eat will be grown under the same roof, or sourced within local proximity. The blending of hi-tech and IoT will manifest new mix of vertical-farming and consumer interaction in a new mall type of a setting. The mall of the future is happening.

it all started with a spark of an idea, added to another and then another, then refined by teams of experts in a dozen different departments of an enormous connected, hence plex, multi-functional, indoor agriculture systems embedded into the building providing interactive, personalized entertainment and social interactions. Just like the Jetson’s except no flying cars.

More to come about the spark of an idea that ignited a shift in culture and the details of the man behind it all. Stayed tuned and thanks for reading.

Photo credit: Lightastic on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC Photo credit: TaishiMatsumoto on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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