Digital Soldier Tradecraft

Intel Gathering tools and techniques

A Digital Soldier needs to be constantly screening scanning and consuming information. It’s really key to be diverse but detail orientated and think critically. Continue following the right information that helps expand your knowledge of the facts. In an information War, the truth is the bomb, words and memes are bullets. To be most effective we need verifiable documents and videos to support the truth with facts.

Our mission is to win hearts and minds, by filling in the gaps of knowledge with provable facts. As a digital Soldier, our objective is to awakened people to the tyranny we face. Crazy as it sounds, a group of sociopaths and psychopaths has almost captured our world. We were attacked by a biological weapon, but there was a plan involved in that weapon, and this plan is very old.

As a keyboard warrior we need tools and techniques for the Intel Gathering, most importantly we need reliable sources.

When the big censorship purge happened on Twitter, It distilled my network from good to excellent. Sometimes you can find yourself in an echo chamber, where there’s a lot of people repeating the same things. We really need to find the source of where the factual content is coming from. 

Incredible things happened for me during the Twitter Purge, it completely verified some of my sources over on Telegram, which was was growing by over a million new members a day (at that time, as people who were getting banned from Twitter. We went jumping over to Telegram, then it was very easy to see who to follow. What emerged was complete clarity of leadership in the digital space, for dropping intel, and a better system for learning who were the best sources.

Twitter still is the primary Battleground because it’s the largest community online. Facebook, of course, is really important due to the connectivity with friends and family. My page there was eleven years old and among the top visited during the peak of the war but account was cancelled for community guideline violation in May of 2021. My experience on Facebook deserves an article all by itself, suffice it to say that thousands of people were shocked into expanding their minds from my posting.

Without stopping since the beginning, I have been consistently sharing anything and everything about crimes against children, exposing the sick humans and their sickening practices. Relentlessly posting Trump Won and facts of election theft. Sometimes I thought I would get a knock on the door for what I was putting online, inventing and launching hashtags like Fire Fauci and Bill Gates is Evil. Plus, my favorite loser Barry memes, to shock viewers with real images of the true BHO.

Some really crazy things happened as a result of my Facebook tirade, some day I’ll expand upon the tale. Distillation of Intel sources and triangulation, and how to become a Digital Soldier is my topic here.

The distillation of intel sources that happened for me, when Twitter Purge came was exciting. I had been following the correct sources on Twitter and triangulated several Anonymous accounts by watching dialog on 2 different platforms of people who attended a private gathering of Trump family at Camp David, when Trump was president.  It was by cross-checking with Don Junior and Eric Trump that remained on Twitter, with a couple of Profiles on Telegram that I discovered a cadre of insiders. These folks were close to the source and saying the same things.

Distilling hundreds of profiles down to dozens (closer to the source) enabled me to spend less time reading and watching chatter. Also, Telegram is much more efficient in getting and storing breaking news. There were some really good sources early on when the, when the purge happened. That’s where CBK emerged and Santa surfing caught a wave. 

Major Patriot was another, Vincent Kennedy, Ezra A. Cohen, Whiplash347, John McAfee, just to mention a few more. I could go on about the best profiles, some are obviously worth watching, like Mel Gibson a must follow is Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot. The point is, that on Telegram the intel gathering became so much faster and easier, then the best of that intel could be shared on as many other platforms as possible. My two Twitter accounts still work, however the primary account @ Offshore Maven was limited with 9k followers, where it can no longer follow anyone and grows slowly in followers.

Having a smaller Twitter account has kept me on the platform and allowed me to share truth bombs, plus like, share and comment. In short… I still have an account, since it’s small, so that has been useful. Remember, every single post of truth is helping to move the masses towards 80+% consensus.

George news is a critically important news outlet, as they have press credentials for the White House and other sources that MSM don’t have. For example George News have access onto some military bases. This provides incredible footage of aircraft and operations. The George News editor, Gene Ho is brilliant and was Trump’s personal photographer during his presidency. I saw Gene interviewed by David Nino Rodriguez, he’s excellent and perfect for keeping George the coolest news source of all time.

George News is covering a lot of topics that are very important politically and geopolitical but stays away from gossip and banter, as they prepare to launch

Robert David Steele

Something really cool happened one time, maybe it’s just my imagination but Robert David Steele (RDS), who is a hero and always will be a legend. RDS died in August of 2021 but not before he completed the most extensive work, to expose the real problem of pedophilia, and crimes against children. RDS left us a legacy of truthful information that is so incredibly well written, researched, indexed and categorized, that it will forever stand as a source for factual information on pedophilia.

Lin Wood, there’s another voice for God that surfaced on telegram. He says, the real epidemic is pedophilia and sadly, I tend to agree. The truth will set us free and until then, we have to continue fighting with memes information back to the story. Robert David Steele was meeting with Juan O Savin to have dinner at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC, which has since been sold.

In November of 2021 Trumps agreed to sell the Washington hotel to investment firm for US$375M, the deal closed in May of 2022, handing the Trump family business perhaps as much as $100 million in profit.

To my amazement, at the same time, George News changed its home office address to the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC. I noticed that it was at the same day that Juan O Savin was also staying in the hotel, and had dinner with RDS. Watching posts live and interactions online, I was able to triangulate that incredible coincidence.

One time, early in the war, when Trump was still in office, I watched a short video filmed upon sunrise, from the private area directly outside the private wing of the Whitehouse. The film builds tension with no voice, as it walks us outside the captures the birds singing in the early morning, as the sun rises. The Twitter post it was on, had to do with James Comey and “when do the birds sing” but the film was expertly taken.

My belief is that it was Juan O Savin filmed both amazing locations because after RDS died unexpectedly, Juan filmed a tribute from a location in Florida, on a stormy night and only showed his boots walking around the outside of his premises. In the film with no talking (at first) it builds tension, the camera pans up, for a short sequence, to show Mar-a-Lago and the palms trees bending in the storm. Both of these videos, were in my opinion, filmed by the same person.

And from all of these people that I mention, it’s important for you to go and learn how to find the sources. I will never divulge the profile names where those insider intel came from, you have to find them yourself. Don’t dilute your efforts by following too many people, find the key leaders, then see who they follow, watch and listen. Keep looking and researching, reading, watching and listening. The truth is out there, never give up seeking the key sources and you will end up developing a fascinating Network of Intel. 

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