Getting to Know The Enemy

Hell is devoid of logic. These people are sick

Archbishop Vigano said it best about the enemy, in an open letter to President Trump. Describing the children of light versus the forces of Darkness. What he’s referring to is our enemy, but in a broader sense, it’s pure evil.

Vigano also said that there is a Church inside the Church, it’s a Deep Church. This is a very old plan, it’s had thousands and thousands of sick people, building it over centuries. It’s biblical to arrive at this day, where it’s winner take all in the great tribulation.

Understanding this battle requires knowing our enemy. To understand evil we have to think beyond the ordinary circumstances and imagine twisted pathology well outside of common behaviour. Perhaps the biggest problem we face is that “normal people” (normies, we call them), cannot possibly comprehend the depravity of evil people. 

Many good folks, upon hearing the alleged atrocities, their eyes gloss over and their mind shuts down. As soon as they know it’s crimes against children, they can no longer process the information. It’s a challenge to get people to conceptualize what is really happening, we especially saw this with Pizzagate and now more recently, the Epstein Island.

The Epstein Island narrative paints a story of guests to the island having sex with underage women. Child sacrifice is never even considered or discussed, even though there’s authentic Ziggurat, as a centerpiece on the Island. Everyone identifies the blue and white temple-like building with Epstein Island, however the media are guilty of omission, knowing full-well, that the very building, is a replica of a child sacrifice temple of evil.

The biggest weapon of our enemy is deception, especially with false flag events where innocent blood is spilled and traumatic terror, implanted into the minds of the witnesses. The evil cabal calculate the best dates to maximize their magic, always striving for the largest possible audience, in order to dominate the news cycle, and drown-out other stories. Breaking News can trigger a false flag event, if the story goes against the mainstream narrative and is captivating too much attention. This Is what we need to worry about, as the October surprise truth bombs drop.

Whitehat Patriots represent the children of the light, and now the forces of Darkness are cornered and getting desperate.

We are nearing the end of this Deathmatch, where winner take all. Soon the enemy will realize that they cannot win, as they can not cheat, and the breaking news is too persistent, for the damage control that used to work. Now the Deep State Cabal can make lethal decisions, that are very much more evil because they don’t care about the consequences. They don’t care if they have to take everyone of us, with them to hell.

Fentanyl is the most evil drug ever invented because such a tiny amount is too much. Definition of evil is putting fentanyl in candy, for Halloween. In Los Angeles today they found fentanyl in candy for children. This is a small example of how evil is our enemy. 

The enemy we face is multi-faceted, it’s not just the Washington Swamp, or the Mother WEF’fers from Davos, UN, IMF, WHO and World Bank etc… Yes, the Bildergers are evil for sure, it’s even more broad to include also the CCP that are involved in evil for the Dark forces.

The CCP follow a famous book at the Beijing War College, it’s all about using unconventional warfare to overthrow America. Scholars compare this unconventional method to a Death By A Thousand Cuts, because the slow painful way they win, to become the dominant Nation on the planet. They are deploying an endless number of evil tactics at the same time. Such as flying drones over the border from Mexico and dropping packages of fentanol on the U.S. side, for drug dealers to grab and sell. Or another tactic is flooding the country with counterfeit U.S. currency

Defeating America from within, by corrupting politicians at every level of society, is also a tactic. America has held the mantle as the greatest country, for the last 200 years, certainly after WWII, they became the undisputed leader in the World. Now CCP see their opportunity to be the dominant nation and their going for it. The enemy of the children of light is everywhere and attacking from every possible angle 

Part of the evil plan which is not just CCP but includes global elite cabal, is to destroy America by invasion of illegal aliens. This plan was to get 100 million immigrants over the border and inside the country. That number means that law enforcement would be forced to drop the southern borders and possibly even merge with Canada, to make one New World Order in North America. UN is standing by and ready, with Chinese troops no less.

The main objective of the Forces of Darkness has always been the goal to make one new world order. So, if they could get 100 million illegal aliens inside of United States, that would force the borders to burst and to get rid of the nation entirely. The children of light are put to the ultimate test.

Ever since the Joe Biden Administration has taken office, they have been flying, busing and bringing in as many illegal aliens into the country, as they possibly can. Most are men between the ages of 18 and 30. Most of these men have Criminal backgrounds and/or military training. The theory in the story I’ve been told, is if they can get to Phoenix Arizona, they can get a job, a car, a gun, a cellphone, a salary and a place to stay.

Illegal aliens that join the cartels inside USA become part of what’s called the fifth column and they’re just awaiting instructions on their cell phones. Throughout history this tactic has been used again and again, it’s an insurgency.

As I said earlier; evil is very hard to describe to normies (normal people), they can’t imagine how evil is evil. Even democrats would shudder if they knew the truth, some think it’s only fair to have open borders. They don’t really realize that they’re close to losing all of their own freedoms and liberty.

Despite how dangerous the enemy is, they are Godless and underestimated the will of “We the People”. We have God on our side, which makes us believe that Law and Order will prevail, even when partially corrupted. There are just too many God-fearing, determined Patriots, who have put it all on the line. Too much true grit in the ranks of the awakened masses. America is worth fighting for and nothing can stop what is coming, as we rise up to fight back.

The enemy is outsmarted and outmatched by the Patriots, the Red Wave is proof that the tide has turned. Once the flip has happened, then America Saves the rest of the World but first everyone needs to come together to save America. Protect her borders, deport the illegal aliens, hunt down all the traitors and end the crime-spree. Make America great again, so the rest of the free world has a beacon of hope.

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