The Harvest and Slaughter of the Bull

Make America Great Again with the Kill-shot on the Deep State Monster

This moment of challenge has reached a climax. Truth is in the process of slaying the evil of a cabal that had infiltrated and corrupted America and the rest of the world. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as this tyranny we fight was not born yesterday. This monster (Bull) is ancient and it’s slaughter day has come.

Every three years, the October Full Moon is also the Harvest Moon. This particular name is given to the Full Moon which is closest to the September equinox, which is the start of fall in astronomy, on this Red October.

However, the astronomical seasons do not match up with the lunar month. Therefore, the month the Harvest Moon occurs in, varies. Most years, it is in September but every three years, it is in the month of October. This Harvest moon is biblical for the slaughter of the bull.

Other names are Travel Moon and Dying Grass Moon. Some also called it Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon, which also refers to the hunting season. However, this name should not be confused with the term Blood Moon to describe a Total Lunar Eclipse but in America this is the Harvest Season.

Two armies are marching towards each other, the world is going to battle, this conflict is unstoppable. The children of the light vs the forces of darkness. The events that happen in the next moments will determine the outcome of the clash of ideas, either the media, deep state, big-tech/pharm and swamp can cover-up all the evidence pouring from dozens and dozens of deep wounds, or truth and justice prevails.

In the analogy of a bull-fight coming to a head, we watch the Matador as Trump and the MAGA Movement, as he continues to taunt the raging bull. Again and again the bull charges but misses, each charge wears the bull down and makes him more weak. The time is running out, yet the bull wants to charge again. The Magador has the patience and knows the timing, it’s happening now, the spectacle has reached a crescendo.

The evil Cabal, as represented by Bull, has lost control and beginning to act weak, foaming at the mouth and snorting desperately, preparing for another charge. It’s now or never, for the kill-shot. One final dance, one final flourish, one final taunt and in comes the bull with his head too low. Then in an instant, like a lightening bolt from God, down plunges the truth, precisely between the Bull’s shoulder blades.

The Magador sword thrusts down, all the way to the hilt and in one mighty blow, the monster is dead.

Slaughter of the Bull, is a Juan O Savin comparison, of what is about to happen in this harvest moon for America. Red October has a meaning, deeper and more profound than a simple slogan. We are living in the greatest time on record, nothing like this war has ever happened. This is the greatest moment in human history.

Enjoy the show!

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