Always Alone but Never Lonely

The last few years I have been always alone but never lonely. Sure, I have friends and a social life but after the scamdemic the need for them diminished, as I feel there’s work to be done to save the planet. After we win this war (against tyranny), there will be time to socialize. 

A long time ago, I discovered that the voice in my head was actually God, and he was my coach guiding me towards better results in my life. In order to listen I must clear my random memory and give up control of my thinking, so that I become immersed in the moment, then he speaks.

In these days of stress, anxiety, worrying and wondering about the future, I find myself out along the Pacific seashore, listening for my coach. I suffer from self-doubt, just like anyone. Perhaps even more, because I am a radical conspiracy theorist Digital Soldier, and I’ve put myself out there in the public and amongst all my friends and family, as believing that Donald Trump will return as the President of the United States.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I believe the 20/20 election will, and must, be overturned. Well, that story’s getting pretty long in the tooth because we’re almost 2 years away from the crime of November 3, 2020 when they stopped counting the ballots.

To remain fighting for the change that we need to see, requires a great deal of discipline to keep a positive attitude. My imagination sees a huge victory celebration one day, meanwhile the inspiration comes from watching so many other people, putting everything on the line to win this war. Take back America for “We the People”.

Never Lonely in Q

Collectively we Digital Soldiers are trying to surpass the 80 plus percentage point of America. We had an indicator today that the polls saying that Joe Biden has fallen to a 19 percent approval rating. This is an indicator of the number that Juan O Savin always talks about (80+%). We are there!

Obtaining 80+% doesn’t mean that everyone in this group has to vote for Trump. It means that 80 plus percent of the people realize that a serious crime has been committed, several crimes. We all must agree that there is in fact a Deep State Cabal (swamp) in a criminal conspiracy, and is primarily true that America is on the wrong path, towards total nuclear annihilation.

It’s the 80-plus percent have to agree, that something drastic has to be done, there has to be change and it needs to be radical change. Ultimately, there’s just a handful, a comparatively small group of Politicians who have complete control of the governments of the world. Elite Billionaires, through their money, power, bribery, extortion and influence, have captured the global political leadership.

Hardest of all problems to solve and the worst deception of everything, is the malignancy of what we once called The Fifth Estate. Yes, the worst crime is the news source, the mainstream news, starting with the New York Times and Washington Post for an example. They no longer serve the best interests of the American people because they are not telling the truth. 

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent… they control the minds of the masses.

Malcolm X

When this one thing is changed, then the truth will set us free. Until that day comes, when America once again becomes the land of the free. I will remain alone but never lonely, due to the number of brave people fighting alongside me, with God on our side.

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