Life and Times of a Digital Soldier

Digital Soldier

Where we go one, we go all – WWG1WGA

If you had told me, even 10 years ago, that I would be so politically motivated and dedicated to this cause of a Digital Soldier; I wouldn’t have believed you. I was always an entrepreneur and capitalist. Love the internet, love connecting people together. Love working at selling Commodities, diamonds, gold and different high-value things. Always had as my main focus, helping people to gain their Sovereignty by having two or more Flags (if you will?) Planted around the world. 

Then in 2020, I knew the very moment when the scam demick started that we were at War and any dreams that I had of my own success needed to be put aside. There’s no point in gaining the world if you lose your soul and I could see that the enemy that we’re in war with wants to take our soul. Take our freedom. That is your soul. 

So ever since that fateful Day in 2020, when the scam demic started I totally changed how I conducted my life and every day was dedicated to attacking with truth. It’s very funny to consider that We’re using memes. To fight a war against a megalith. Information management of the media and the internet have become so powerful that the small independent voices haven’t got a chance. However, There’s so many of us (keyboard warriors) that we are affecting the human consciousness of the planet. By are persistent fight and there’s Millions like me that gave up everything else to enlist as general Flynn would call it as a digital Soldier.

We keyboard warriors feel great camaraderie amongst us and a lot of us know. We’re up against Goliath. It doesn’t, stop us is there’s no choice. We have to fight on. I never wanted to put this sort of information on Silicon Palms, always tried to keep this blog positive and upbeat But the truth is, I am a digital Soldier and I should write about it and talk about it. And that’s what’s going to change. The outcome is more people. Who. Realize that the Great Awakening. Is real. 

We Digital Soldiers are in a fight for everything. This is the Battle of Good vs Evil for total control and dominance of the world. 

So, we have to encourage one another. Keep keeping on and just everyday dig in learn more. We’re all in a learning curve together. This Great Awakening there’s none of us that knew all that has been spilled and what has been spilled as horrific. It goes very deep as Juan O Savin (107) likes to say By the way. It’s q and one that have given me my confidence that we will win. We just don’t know how long it’s going to take, but none of us are going to give up and any moment now. The storm is going to hit and the arrests are going to start.

The pendulum of awareness will swing even faster where we’re looking for is 80 plus percent of the global human consciousness. It has to understand that we’ve almost lost our freedom and that the election theft of 2020 and United States of America was the largest crime ever because it included the scam demick and the masks and the mail. It was all part of a plan that needs to be fully exposed and realized around the globe that the New World Order.

The Deep state must be ended by the Digital Soldier, we must Prevail over them… and we will. So we forward in this generation triumphantly, until we reach victory. 

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