Swimming in the Stream of Consciousness

Palm Tree Stream of Consciousness

The most amazing thing has been happening to me lately, I’ve been diving into moments of synchronicity and swimming in the stream of consciousness. It’s like when you’re communicating and all of a sudden these amazing statements came out of your mouth, that sound incredibly wise and well articulated but you wonder where they came from.

Every day I riide my bicycle along the Pacific ocean and I practice breathing and intentionally defrag my mental hard-drive and clean my random memory access, often times it happens easily, especially when I see wildlife in nature, doing what wildlife tends to do, it captivates my mind and I forget about the things that were preoccupying me only moments previously.

After having practised this disciplined and regular mental CCleaner for the brain for such a long time, I’m beginning to really notice the differences in my life. Oddly enough my vision of how I wanted things to go, has started to go the way I had hoped. Nothing is ever perfect of course but the best part of my gradual improvement, in clarity of purpose, was that I occasionally find that I’m able to write entire paragraphs and realize that I wasn’t really concentrating on what I was saying, the keyboard was accepting my fingers and the words were just tumbling out on to the page in front of me.

Most of the time it’s more laborious for me, that’s because my mind is holding too many different things in the ram at the same time, whereas I need to be either completely focused on the topic, or being really immersed in the idea I’m trying to convey and if I’m informed on the topic, it’s become easier to write, plus more enjoyable, than ever before.

When I was a teenager I wanted to be a writer one day, if I’d only written more then, it’s like I’m forty years too late to catching on to the joy of writing…. oh well, this blog is much more fun than writing a book anyway and the purpose always has been to seek that Stream of Consciousness where the words come through me, rather than from me.

BTW: Thank you for reading.


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