The Year of the Whistle-blower

Karma’s a BITCH in the year of the whistle-blower.

The year 2023 will be too much whistle-blower truth, flooding the zone, from every possible conspiracy theory. All the corruption and all the evil deeds will be exposed, one after another and all at the same time. It’s an easy comparison to water and a dam, to understand that once the water goes over the top of the dam, it’s not long until the dam breaks and the flood changes the landscape.

Juan O Savin provides an even better analogy, to visualize an earthen dam and consider each leak to be whistle-blower. As the truth seeps over the top of the dam, and more and more streams flow faster and faster, each carving deeper channels, until the earthen dam holding back the water (i.e. truth) is completely overcome and the dam collapses.

Imagine how many government agents know the truth about crimes against “we the people”? How many agents know that the “great awakening” has happened in America and the wheels of justice are grinding forward. Every evil deed will be punished and the only way to avoid the trial is to become a whistle-blower.

Take for example Ray Epps, now known as FedEpps, he’s found himself on the wrong side of history. FedEpps will become the modern day Benedict Arnold, already his life has become miserable because he’s a traitor to America. Ray Epps can’t go anywhere in the world to hide from his infamy. Every day he has to look over his shoulder and knows now he’ll be arrested.

The January 6th conspiracy is unravelling and that one single incident is causing hundreds of whistle-blowers. Ray Epps was not even worried through 2021, he was certain the power of the U.S. Government would protect him, after-all FedEpps was recruited for the job of fake insurrection organizer.

War against the Whistle-blower

The Obama administration waged war against every whistle-blower, they knew this was a big problem. Hillary Clinton was the best at dealing with pesky little tattle-tales, probably she even likes the body-count legend. The deep state hates truth-tellers, the swamp has disappeared scores of them, and made it clear that your life is at risk to snitch.

Things are different today, since it’s obvious Joe Biden is the worst President in history and now it’s a known fact that Trump won in 2020. This doesn’t engender confidence in those that face the risk of getting busted for treason, if caught for complicity in crimes against America.

Today we have rogue agents from 17 Government agencies and CIA, with dirt on every act ever committed against the country. There’s a line-up out the door and around the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), to seek whistle-blower status.

For most of 2022 the MAGA Patriots watched as hopes of returning Trump to power were dashed, time and time again. The arrogance of the deep state rubbed our noses in the dirt of their media theatrics but then Liz Cheney got dumped, next Nancy Pelosi was fired and her husband Paul outed in a sex-scandal, then later the Trump subpoena to testify was dropped.

Now Adam Schiff announces he’s leaving congress. This shit-show charade of a fake insurrection is finally coming to an end.

Tables have turned in favour of the Whistle-blower

To protect freedom of speech came back into vogue, when Elon Musk used Twitter to turn the tables on the corruption of media and big-tech. The notion that the U.S. President could be censored from speaking online is so absurd that it’s amazing that it ever even happened. That was the point when the deep state had reached their zenith but it gave birth to Truth Social and propelled Telegram, Parler and Gab to massive social networks. Freedom of speech held the high ground.

Twitter files radically changed the perception of what had been happening, the masses were shocked to learn the level of Government abuse. The level of censorship was effecting all faucets of discussion and killing any sort of open debate. Elon Musk did more to turn the tables in two months, than millions of Patriots could do in a year.

The way in which Arizona Governorship was stolen from Kari Lake is another example of bold-faced criminality out of control. During her swearing in today, Katie Hobbs was unable to keep a straight face and started laughing, with one hand on the Bible, as they read her oath to up-hold the Constitution. This day will come back to haunt all those who thought they got away with it.

Arizona has the Runbeck whistle-blower, an insider who worked at Runbeck Election Services and he’s just begun to sing. The mid-term elections were rigged. The State of Arizona has many, Georgia has many, Michigan has more, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all have whistle-blowers.

Election fraud and ballot harvesting is only one source of the truth flooding over the proverbial dam of censorship and corruption. There will be new leaks breaking every day and trickles of truth opening up chasms in the wall of propaganda. One good snitch leads to another.

The wheels of justice move slowly but when you have testimony, from people who know exact details, and have first-hand evidence of crimes, cover-ups and corruption, the momentum becomes unstoppable. This is a truly amazing time to be alive, during the year of the whistle-blower.

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