Operation Warp Speed Worked Wonders for USA

I am often asked about Operation Warp Speed and why Trump promotes the Jab. My first response is to look what a man does, not what he says. He pulled his mask off with a flourish, after recovering from CV19 himself, within 48 hours. Much of Trump’s nuance was lost on the masses because LameStream media skipped the bait. He was trolling them, it was obvious hypocrisy, that Donald and Melania had Dr. Vladimir Zelenko administer their vaccines, which contain no mRNA or Graphene Oxide.

Dr. Z, now dearly departed and beloved globally for his reason and logic, used a safe and effective formula to treat the corona. I know a woman from California that copied the protocol and listed her shot as “Homeopathic” and it worked, she was able to keep her Park Ranger job and not lose the retirement benefits that she’d worked decades to accrue. Bravo Dr. Z! It worked for the Trumps too but many people got mixed signals and took the plunger from Pfizer.

My second response is that Pfizer never joined in the Warp Speed program, just to avoid information sharing. Moderna did however accept Government grant money, suspiciously, long before Warp. The government had already given Moderna two grants of $483 million and $472 million. The $1.53 billion announced on August 11 brought the total investment to $2.48 billion. FDA authorized emergency use only. Moderna has many questions to answer but the Pfizer data said enough for them both, GUILTY!

Moderna claimed to not “modify the gene”, it’s actually in their name ” Mod (= modifiy) eRNA. These two monolithic Big-Pharma corporations (Moderna and Pfizer) are now attacking each other, to protect the secret ingredient (Luciferase).

In order to understand the victory of Operation Warp Speed, you need to answer these questions; who invited Trump to run for President? Did they know about the Illuminati Game Card called “Pandemic”? In other words, was Trump and the Patriots that conscripted him, prepared for genetic warfare?

Illuminati: New World Order (INWO) is an out-of-print collectible card game (CCG) that was released in 1994 by Steve Jackson Games, based on their original boxed game Illuminati, which in turn was inspired by the 1975 book The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. An OMNI sealed-deck league patterned after the Atlas Games model was also developed.

Juan O Savin explains the True Cost of Lock-downs

Dr. Fauci Warned In 2017 Of ‘Surprise Outbreak’ so obviously Trump knew the card would be played. The real surprise was Operation Warp Speed and it worked brilliantly to reduce the period of lock-down. Juan O Savin is the Wingman for Trump and he explains that the business of America, is business. If America is shut-down it falls into decline very fast, conversely when it’s open for business, problems get solved. Miracles can happen, when American’s find a problem to solve.

Operation Warp Speed gave Trump the $10B check-book to lure bad actors out into the open. Swamp draining costs allot of money and Lobbyist came with their hat in their hands. More importantly, leading from the front meant that Trump could negotiate for better oversight and have more control of the clinical data. The research leads to more knowledge of the options.

In an abundance of caution, Trump declared a National Emergency. Every move he makes is calculated and back-tested through AI and carefully considered by Military experts. This is modern asymmetrical warfare. Operation Warp Speed put U.S. Government command and control, of the scamdemic response, firmly in the hands of President Trump.

I am convinced that Juan O Savin has direct access and therefore shares key details. Who else can have a squadron of F-35 fighter jets, perform a flyby over-top a small event in Anaheim California. Eye witnesses said how incredibly special it was, to be in that crowd. Juan left zero doubt that he is Wingman, to the Commander-in-Chief of the United States Air Force.

War is fluid and constantly changing, it’s about attrition. Juan says that to hold America in lock-down would have killed millions and destroyed the fabric that holds the Nation together, furthermore when it’s open for business it’s people are relentless and pursuing truth and justice. We needed time to understand what had hit us, Trump bought us that time.

Spring Break of 2020 the corona (flu) outbreak spread across the USA

The Deep State were not prepared for Operation War Speed, it caught them completely off-guard. Many things started working against them, including the weakness of their bio-weapon. Fauci recommended it was safe to travel in early 2020, for young people to take spring break, that ploy was meant for Trump to keep the borders with China open, the ploy failed. Media covered-up for Fauci but basically the corona (flu) virus, which had been epidemic in Australia in 2019, just wasn’t as fatal in the U.S.

The statistics predicted in Event 201, and the stats from London College, CDC and WHO were all so far off, that in the real world people would’ve been fired, entire departments would have been sacked, for such lousy estimates. Huge fail after fail, except in the case of Senior Citizens, they were used as cannon fodder. Democrat run cities pushed their senior citizens into harms way. Fear tactics were deployed and Fake News flooded-the-zone. Thankfully the predicted numbers never happened, even with hospitals forced death treatments.

President Donald Trump formally announced Operation Warp Speed on May 15, 2020, in the White House Rose Garden.
President Donald Trump formally announced Operation Warp Speed on May 15, 2020, in the White House Rose Garden.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ fact sheet, the main stated goal of Operation Warp Speed was to “produce and deliver 300 million doses of safe and effective vaccines with the initial doses available by January 2021, as part of a broader strategy to accelerate the development, manufacturing, and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics”. This strategy forced the Deep State to expose themselves and make many mistakes.

When the world saw hospital staff across America dancing and singing in the hallways, it was a sign that the DE-population agenda wasn’t working, as well as planned in Event 201. Sadly, it’s now obvious that the Bio-weapon was never planned for mass-murder, that’s the job of the supposed vaccine. Plausible deniability is built-in to the Emergency Use Authorization, complete with disclaimer written on a blank white flyer. All you needed to know from Pfizer and Moderna, experimental gene therapy, those three words were enough.

Operation Warp Speed was a plan to make the most, of a very grim situation. Lead by example, trust in the best experts, aim for a better option than mRNA and hope and pray that the citizens do their own research and find Dr. Z.

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