Kid on the Side of the Light

He doesn’t want us to know (yet), who he is, but he wants you to deeply understand what he’s saying. Kid by the Side of the Road (the book) written by Juan O Savin, I predict will eventually overtake “The Betty Crocker cookbook” as the number two, best seller and most popular book in the world. Number one, being the Bible.

Information contained in “Kid by the Side of the Road” is fundamental to understanding the war that we’re in right now. Archbishop Viganò, God bless him, is a hero for speaking the truth against power, to his own detriment nonetheless, he coined the phrase that we are in a war, the Children of Light versus the forces of Darkness.

Juan O Savin, Jah Bless, compares what we’re living in, at this time in history, is like Casino Royale, the James Bond movie, and in this Casino Royale, the stakes are everything on earth, you, me, and every living, breathing thing, is at stake in this game of war. Now we’re approaching the final flip of the cards. The Esther moment, Juan says, like the 17th book of the Bible, where Haman gets hung on his own gallows. In a miraculous twist of fate, our time of redemption is near.

107 has told us a lot about himself. I for one believe that he is in Witness Protection Program and that for him to come out of witness protection, untold number of humans lives will be at risk. The media won’t expose him because he’s more powerful, if he comes out of witness protection. The problem is the search engines, since he is a fictitious character that makes real live appearance. His hashtag is causing problems and wiping out Youtube channels, the bots don’t know what to do either.

Fake news have to avoid him but his ranking keeps going up. Juan’s online presence needs to be constantly monitored and suppressed by Blackhats. For now it’s more important for him to stay undercover, nom de plume is brilliant and working like a marvel, to build the coolest mystique ever personified.

Juan O Savin is derived from #107, he told us that himself. Now consider that whoever published Kid by the side of the road, in a coffee-table style book, is a genius. They had to have known from real-world experience. This acumen can only come from someone with a vast knowledge of publishing, and the number 107, Juan said, was a unique editor’s number, he told us that once upon a time he was an editor and assigned the number 107. Could it have been Viking press?

A clue about Juan 07 from a recent video, may provide an answer to the question, if Jr. pulled an exit strategy, where did he go after his plane crashed? If he was in Witness Protection Program, the best place to take a family and disappear off the grid, is Juneau Alaska because there’s a federal building in a small town (30,000 today) with one road into town and one road out. The Alaska State Capitol in downtown Juneau was built as the Federal and Territorial Building in 1931. Prior to statehood, it housed federal government offices, the federal courthouse and a post office. It also housed the territorial legislature and many other territorial offices, including that of the governor.

There’s only one airport and there’s one bridge to a huge island called Douglas Island. And I believe that could be where Juan raised his family. He talks so fondly of all the years he was living and preparing for the winter in Juneau. Had his boat there, probably a plane too but primarily (IMHO) he was homesteading off-grid, and also homeschooling his children, but gave them the true American values, plus an understanding of who they were. And what this fight (that we’re all in) is all about.

107 also has a deep connection to a certain island in Hawaii (I won’t mention), you will hear him talk about that island and you can tell. I suspect that island was the winter haven from Alaska, to raise his family in privacy. If it were me I would never trust anyone to plan my itinerary, therefore having safe houses all over the country, would be a must. Constant movement makes anyone harder to target. Another thing is the car collection, well, if you’re in witness protection it’s a strategy to have cars in different places and all over. For every safehouse, there may be multiple cars to choose from.

Gideon’s Army is another clue and I suspect that Gerry Foly has always known Juan? But the prayers that 107 provides, oftentimes at the end of an interview, are so sincere and honest, so deep and spiritual, that anyone who’s listening can feel that he is with the power of God. He’s a big believer in Jesus Christ, it’s obvious to anyone that pays attention to his prayers. Juan is a Kid on the side of the light, that’s for sure.

Once when asked point-blank, by Rachel (WriteSide Blonde) that Juan disclose some details about his background. His answer was, I will in the future, but now is not the time. And now we have to focus on more important issues than who I am. In that same interview, she held up a copy of her George magazine. As she has a large collection and asked him, do you have any George magazine and he laughed? And he said, I have them all. As a matter of fact, I even have the editor’s galleries for most of them. Now that more or less tells us that he has a very deep publishing background and that he’s a magazine publisher himself.

Now, that brings us back to kid by the side of the road and how I predict that it will surpass. The Betty Crocker cookbook for the number two position, all-time bestseller. It’ll take a few years but it’s already been downloaded Millions. Of times in the electronic copy. And then he has signed thousands of issues and put them out, and they will become valuable. And he shipped, oh, must be a million. Now, in two years, I had my first copy over two years ago so it will not hit the best sellers because he didn’t go that path. He decided to self-publish, but I predict that 2024 it’ll be on all of the top of the bestsellers all around the world and will remain in the top-selling books of all time.

New versions of Kid by the Side of the Road will follow version 3, already in production and versions to explain things yet to happen. Note that many predictions were in the first issue that have already come true, so expect more secrets to be unlocked in the future.

Kid by the Side of the Road will become the top-selling, best book for a decade before it overtakes Betty Crocker, cookbook. And by then we’ll know the truth. But until then, all we need to know is Juan O Savin Rocks! He prefers the “Nom de plume”, he’s on the side of the Light, and we are winning. 107 is leading us to Victory. Don’t worry about the messenger worry about the message. If you haven’t read that book, get it and read it. It’s fundamental to understanding how and why we are where we are. 

There is an old film clip made into a video, of JFK in 1960, in-which he says that in 2024, Junior will solve these challenges, he was referring to the secret handshake crowd. In that video, which I can’t seem to find at this time but will post here when I do. I saw JFK say and remember it distinctly, that in 2024 Junior, he calls him, Junior will restore America. Based on that short clip from memory, it’s my guess that we won’t know the identity of Juan O Savin for at least another year.

George Magazine making a Comeback, is just a Coincidence?

Nowadays, 107 has made it quite clear that he likes to live near Mar-A-Lago in South Florida, however he’s constantly on the move and recently was in 7 states in the same day. Now, the game of Casino Royale is so near the end, that he doesn’t have to hide himself as much. After-all, when you’re all-in there’s nothing to fear.

The Deep State won’t expose 107 but they know who he is, where he is and it’s an unwritten rule to leave them hands off. There’s probably too many consequences, if anything were to happen to Juan. It’s his confidence in our Victory that moves me, I think he is the bravest man alive. To do what he’s doing and to have such positive attitude, in the face of something so catastrophic and ugly, is truly inspirational.

Juan knows the depths of hell that these people (the cabal) would take us to, it’s why he often says; losing is not an option. So keep that in mind, trust the plan, trust in God and Trust in Juan O Savin. 

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