American Election System is Rigged, FACTCHECK it

The world was witness to the most obviously rigged election ever staged. The November 8th U.S. midterm elections were corrupt from the start, the cheating so blatant and premeditated that everyone watching said; well, here we go again, people gonna do what people do. The American Election System is Rigged FACTCHECK it yourself

Industrial scale ballot fraud, for money, and right in front of your face, because no-one is going to do anything about it. Why is this acceptable? America is against organized crime, remember? Who killed free and fair election?

Democracy dies in darkness is an old saying…. should be; Democracy dies in the shadow of FAKE NEWS.

Almost like the “Build Back Better” (bullshit) the corporate media shills flood the zone with propaganda to deflect focus and obfuscate facts and truth. Spin doctors telling a story to deflate the red wave as they steal voters from it.

Trump-endorsed candidates were 174-9 on November 8th, but you wouldn’t know it if you follow the “fake news”.

Look how shamelessly they lie right to your face. This is how they attempt to demoralize you and make you think we lost.

Trump had a GREAT day, we won the House, the Senate is a toss up, and this is all before any of the fraud has been exposed.

Imagine the absurdity that a Pennsylvania Judge allows ballots to count that are received up until November 14th. This is unconstitutional. In other places running out of ink or having faulty machines, they even tried the SharpieGate tactic in one precinct. Meanwhile in another contested race all the cameras went offline in the ballot room, just during the night while no-one was present.

Harris County Main purges entire voting ballots showing a complete zero voted with no one in line. Illinois voting county reports of a cyber attack on their machines.

NJ voting machines are down.

AZ voting machines down.

GA voting machines down.

CO voting machines down. Houston city voting machines down.

NY voting machines down. Wifi out.

MI Reps are being told they already voted at the polls.

PA Dem volunteers are replacing flawed ballots and throwing out Reps.

NYC has a bomb threat that shuts down voting.

Trust Mike Lindell to be paying particularly close attention, as just one well qualified technical observer. Mike hosted the Cyber Symposium in 2021 and brought together the best experts, delegates and election officials from 50 states, to discuss and dissect the massive trove of 2020 election data.

Expert consensus from the Cyber Symposium was that algorithms are used to hack elections, with a technique called “vote weighting” whereby the machines are set to allocate 1.4 votes for every vote (for example), and deduct from one side, add to the other and balance the total. This only works well when the predicted Algorithm setting is correct. Too many votes can still overwhelm the setting and that’s what happen when Trump won in 2016 against Hillary.

Hillary didn’t even attend her own mega-bash at Javits center because she knew she’d lost before noon. In 2020 the new plan was to shut down counting in the night, which to this day no-one knows who made that happen, then rush deliver fake ballots in the night to make up the difference for the Algorithm being set to light, since Trump out-performed the prediction (again).

Polling data is another indicator that the American Election System is Rigged. Florida polling is a baseline, to examine others against. Obviously, something is wrong with the system when the polling data is accurate everywhere accept the battleground states

Herschel Walker did the same thing as Trump, where he won by so much that they had to adjust the algorithm and add 100,000 votes all at the same time, in order to get back on a winning trajectory. This also explains why the need to extend the final tabulations of vote, past the historically always “same day” election. The U.S. system has now become a case study in how NOT to hold elections.

The very idea that people can accept this crazy election system is hard to imagine. Who denies there is cheating?

Just because one side is cheating more than the other side, both the red team and blue team are losing in the end. Free and Fair is made mockery, if this is acceptable as how leaders are chosen for the beacon on the hill. Only the best cheaters, is that how it works?

To solve this “American Election System is Rigged” problem is easy, ask the dude who designed Uber. Make it “Open Source” and take it public. Fuck Tik Tok are you serious? America invented the Internet, San Francisco is the citadel of technology problem-solving. Think and Grow Rich… find a problem and solve it. Design an election app the tracks every ballot from the registered voter, ah therein lies the problem, progressives want undocumented aliens to be able to vote too. There’s where Democracy runs into darkness, once you allow anonymous people onto the system, it becomes corrupt.

The reason the rigged election is so hard to un-rig is that the cheaters successfully use Lawfare, to drag out the clock, and burn up resources of conservatives. The American Election System is Rigged and everyone knows it.

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