On the Eve of the Full Blood Moon

How the US election is Hung, on the full blood moon, of November 8th, 2022

All eyes in the world are on America on this full blood moon, could there be more suspense? How about an election sting operation and a hung election? Buckle-up….

Tomorrow is the most important election in the history of mankind, seriously.  It’s so important because if we move forward, and don’t resolve the 2020 election theft, and whatever happens in tomorrow’s election, is allowed to stand without investigation, then the 2020 thieves got away with the diamonds. Democracy has been kidnapped.

Trump did not concede the 2020 vote and always had a plan, to win back America for We the People, it’s called a “counter-coup”. 

A coup d’état (/ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/) French for ‘stroke of state’), also known as a coup or overthrow, is a seizure and removal of a government and its powers. Typically, it is an illegal seizure of power by a political faction, politician, cult, rebel group, military, or a dictator.

Coup d’état – Wikipedia

We are witness to a massive sting operation, or that’s what my instincts are telling me. It’s been planned for a long time and happening now, exactly how Derick Johnson said it would. See, President Trump wrote Executive Orders, and the Unified Code of Military Justice is the oldest legal system in America. Army was unified by code since 1775, they take an oath of allegiance to the Constitution NOT a President.

What has been clearly described in the Law of War, are the legal steps to counter a hostile corporate takeover, of the US government and congress, by a belligerent foreign invader. This manual was re-edited once more after Trump claimed office (and prior to the first Q post), and syncs with the Geneva Conventions for compliance to International Law.

The Law of War Manual is a text book of legal instructions of how to execute a counter-coup, that’s what is about to take place under the Full Blood moon.

Simply put, the control of the U.S. nation was captured in a coup via election theft. An election Sting operation was ordered and will happen to cause a “Hung Election”. Then as s a result of documenting the criminal behavior patterns, this stolen election evidence will be overwhelming. Caught in the act, so to speak. The evidence of organized crimes during this November 8 US election, will corroborate and prove the crimes of the November 3rd 2020 general election.

This time the election thieves will be arrested, captured and confess to hacking the computer systems. There was already a preponderance of evidence but now the entire process will be exposed to the world and correct legal action will be taken.

Trump Election Sting Operation

Trump and the Whitehat Patriots, working in concert with Military commanders and heads of all 17 of the “three-letter agencies” have set-up an election sting operation. This was in the cards from the first executive order, all the way back to September 12, 2018. Executive Order 13848—Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. This was the first of three EO’s that Trump wrote into law, that related to election interference.

Congress decided not to pay attention to the executive orders of Trump, as they were too busy on fake dossiers and witch hunts. Then the Mainstream Media ignored reporting the facts of the EO’s but it didn’t stop the military from taking orders because that is how they operate. The Military and other Government agencies started following those orders, when they were first commanded. Orders were given and orders were followed, that lead all the way to tomorrow.

When the Georgia Senate runoffs happened, that was the second sting operation. The Military and agencies were able to pinpoint how the elections were rigged, and whom from outside America was involved. The sting of Georgia provided the evidence of how the general election on Nov 3 2020 was hacked and by whom. The Military have been building their case, while at the same time, allowing the Justice system time enough to prove that system to be fruitless.

The Military must exhaust every civilian effort to solve the crime, before they have to get involved on US soil.

It looks like a sting operation and that will cause a hung election. So on this Eve and through the entire solar eclipse and full blood moon cycle, all eyes are on America. The stage is set for God to grace us with grace, for by his hand we will overcome evil tyrants, who wish to deceive us with treachery, so they can enslave us with technology. Our Waterloo has come and in the days ahead, the truth will set us free, or not but defeat is not an option.

Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  

Matthew 6:33


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