Lions Gate Portal 8/8 House of Mastery

Lions Gate Portal is a massive energy shift, happening in the upcoming days

With the Schumann resonance blackout and the 8/8 portal Lions gate opening, supported by a New Moon, the energy is really powerful. For those sensitive to energy; brace yourselves.

For all awakened, conscious and enlightened; this is your call to ground, transmute and release not only your own density but all the lower frequencies.

Earth and the collective human field are releasing so much toxic, dark and suppressed trauma. It is finding it,s way through the expression of weather, nature and the open higher vibrational fields of enlightened souls walking the earth plane right now.

The fact that your frequency is elevated above the 3rd dimensional field more and more often makes you a beacon of light. It is imperative that you realize that just by walking around each day you cleanse and elevate the earth and human grids around you. This is what is making you tired, nervous, acting and sensitive around lots of people or places that carry negative history.

Your field is a like a conductor of energy.
Your body is the vehicle that processes life force.
Your higher self is the concierge that decides what needs to go out and what consciousness can stay in your house/temple.

You can connect to and invite in the ascended masters, the Christ and Maria Magdalena consciousness and abilities. Their spiritual abilities and higher forms of life can be found in the divine masculine and feminine powers we all carry within in the unique expression of who we are.

Ready to be received, activated and integrated in you, your life and your creations. Your lower self/ you the ego can observe all this from a back seat perspective without feeling the need to intervene, overrule or influence what you are guided to experience by Spirit.

Spirit is the Source of creation through which God lives in each and all.
The Light
The Love
The creation of service to others to build heaven on earth.

When there is no connection with Spirit through the higher Self, the dark lower frequencies can easily conduit the ego to act out of service to self. This acting out of ego and survival has created a loop and web of low frequency actions, trauma, pain and damage suppressed in the unconscious field and energy grid of man, earth and nature. Every living thing has a memory that stores emotions/ energy in motion when motion or release is not possible.

Releasing painful memories, trauma and healing damage can only be done when there is space to allow the unconscious to become conscious. All pain needs to be felt, acknowledged, accepted, before it can be released and energy can find it’s balance.

Only from a place of balance can you and I grow, ascend into our full potential. We came here to create and live in paradise. We did not come to barely survive, live in fear and under the control of the dark agenda.

Look around and inside you. The world is in turmoil. So much to be purged, felt and released if we want—-very true!

Source: Danielle Stotijin on Telegram:

Lions Gate Image by efes from Pixabay

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