The Promised Land Celebration

Keep your eyes on the prize – celebration

I started to write a story about Barry Soetoro and little Mike, nowadays better known as BHO and Big Mike but I realized that I don’t want to put those words and images on my websites. These facts are too negative and mean-spirited. As a digital Soldier, if you don’t already know who BHO really is, then you’re listening to the wrong person and you’re on the wrong Channel.

I am not going to waste any space or breath here telling you about how evil our enemy is. I’m not going to write about how bad they are, the deception of the mainstream media, or any of the the Bilderberg NWO stuff, I am done with all of that. You either know it by now or you’re in the wrong place.

I am here to preach victory of good over evil, so you won’t catch me touting any minutia about how evil the Cabal actually is.

Truth is that I am bored of talking about our twisted brothers and sisters. 

This post is about the future. And really ultimately if you want to have an incredible future, you have to visualize it, you have to understand that things are NOT going to remain the way they are. Look back through history, every war ended eventually ended. World War Two, for example, some say 1942 was when it really broke out with Pearl Harbor, others would say it’s 1939 with the invasion of Poland but everyone would agree that by 1945 it was all over.

In our perspective, in modern-day reality, one year seems like a very long time because of how much happened since the scamdemic.

For five years is very difficult to think about is most people like myself are concerned about tomorrow and today, we don’t think about one year from now two years from now. 

But here’s the beauty to what I’m trying to tell you, throughout history, whenever a war ended, there would be a celebration and sometimes even though they celebrated there were still a lot of problems that lasted for years even decades but there was always a global, massive celebration.

Due to the nature of the world we live in today, when this war ends, we will have an almost instant spontaneous Global reaction, what I call jubilation. Essentially, it’s prosperity, at a level we hadn’t even believed possible. A lot of this celebration is because what we win in the Info-war is information. We win intellectual property that had been stolen from us and had been withheld from us (ideas, patents inventions) and even in some cases older information, that was very relevant but had been suppressed, for such a long time that we forgot all about it. 

Now we get to connect the ancient knowledge with the modern ideas, and that is more fun than discovery of dinosaurs. We now get to solve problems and help people get well and prosper. We get to fulfill the promise of the sons and daughters of man, for the betterment of humanity. We get to live in peace.

The world that we live in now, on Earth had and has everything we needed to prosper. Nature provides us with so many solutions to existing problems, that all we actually really need, is some time with peace and Harmony, so that all of the humans on the planet Can come together. And rebuild. And this will be the greatest Renaissance in all of human history.

The amount of Celebration/Jubilation because of the free nature of information, will cause massive wide-scale happiness.

How quickly can we all help one another to Rise Up from the depths of Despair? We now find ourselves in the beginning of the end.

So, the point to this message is Remember. All war comes to an end eventually, and once we win this war, we will have the greatest celebration and the most Prosperity that the world has ever known. 

Eye on the Prize Image by maryannandco photography from Pixabay

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