Naughty Beaver’s Nostradamus Prophecy Revelations

Naughty Beaver and the Nostradamus Prophecies

Naughty Beaver and the Nostradamus Prophecies is the very best logic of all the information on Youtube. Over the years I’ve consumed vast quantities of fresh video content, with a taste for truth from real people, or people whom I could relate to, whether I believed what they were saying or not, the list is long and the purveyors of ideas and information, very diverse. The Beaver’s story is clearly laid-out, with interpretations of prophecy, deciphering the mystery of all mysteries and weaves in Bible verse and current events to state his case.

If more people would hear what he is saying and consider that everything is backed with reason and prophecy. All this amazing story because Mr. Beaver was triggered by seeing images from the lost book of Nostradamus that was discovered in the Vatican, and then he sees a documentary about the discovery of the lost manuscript of Nostradamus, which exposed never before seen sketches and drawings, many of which were improved with artist rendering and clearly Nostradamus is telling a story using symbols.

Nostradamus had one clue written in English, a language that he did not know or use, it was written; “One man will know” and the corresponding drawing is of a man/beast with a scar on his face. In other symbols related to the “one man identity” he’s using the coat of arms of Nova Scotia, where Naughty Beaver was born and several other distinctive precognition that just can’t be explained, unless you accept that it is Naughty Beaver and he just explained to us all, what Nostradamus was saying.

Photo credit: Rickydavid on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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