Trancoso Night and Dreaming of Brazil

Trancoso Night

I’ve been missing Brazil lately and then while searching the public domain for a Brazil image came across this photo called Trancoso Night, in that moment I was inspired me to make this post because it’s one place I was not able to see yet and the best way I can remember to go back, is to do this make a new page about this magical place called Trancoso.

Trancoso is a district in the municipality of Porto Seguro in the state of Bahia, Brazil. The region was the landing point of the Portuguese explorer, Pedro Alvares Cabral onto Brazil, on April 22, 1500. It was founded by Jesuit Priests in 1583, with the name São João Baptista dos Indios. Wikipedia

Trancoso - Porto Seguro - Bahia - Brazil, by Michel Y.G. Meunier
Trancoso – Porto Seguro – Bahia – Brazil, by Michel Y.G. Meunier

Trancoso is famous for its white, semi-deserted beaches. Most of them are protected by reefs and form natural swimming pools at low tide.

  • Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach)

This is the most famous beach of Trancoso, with powder white beaches and natural warm swimming pools created by reefs at low tide. Praia do Espelho is situated about a half an hour from Trancoso, following a winding dirt road that is only accessible during sunny weather.

  • Praia dos Coqueiros (Palmtree Beach)

Praia dos Coqueiros, or Palmtree Beach, is a small beach with medium waves and most of the time protected by coral reefs. This beach has the nickname Palmtree beach because of the more than hundred beautiful palmtrees that are typical for this region of Bahia.

  • Praia da Pedra Grande (Big Rock Beach)

This beach is about a kilometer away from Praia Coqueiros, it’s narrower than the other beaches and with fewer tourists. Praia Dos Coqueiros is the last beach where you will find restaurants, beachbars and some beach hotels. The more distant beaches are deserted and known locally as beaches to practice surfing and topless sunbathing.

  • Praia dos Nativos (Local beach)

Praias dos Nativos is one of the most famous beaches of Trancoso where you will find most of the beachbars and beach hotels

Trancoso Night Photo credit: Ndecam on VisualHunt / CC BY

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