Practicing mindfulness and meditation

mindfulnessA friend gave me a horoscope reading for my birthday and in it it said, that I would be giving up social life in favor of meditation and reflection. Also, that purple was my color for this year and amethyst crystal my stone, a couple other details which I’ve forgotten but the notion of my becoming anti-social was interesting to me, as I’ve found myself increasingly by myself and rarely lonely. I started noticing the changes several years ago, enjoying my own company more an more and socializing less and less. I was practicing mindfulness and meditation.

There’s just so much information to keep up with and so much classic literature yet to read, plus the pace of learning now with so much video and multi-tasking by listening to information while scanning through data, it tunes the brain to work right along with the software tools. Computers and software are so advanced today, that learning and working in information technology is so exciting that it’s fun to wake up in the morning knowing so much has changed during a seven hour absence and anxious to get back online. However, there needs to be balance….

In order to balance the obsessive nature of my online information compulsion, I’ve had to put systems in place to control my Internet OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and these include exercise and time each day spent in nature and time spent in meditation. As each day passes, I’ve come to realize that the time spent in meditation needs to increase and the time spent online needs to decrease, this is much easier said than done. Old habits are hard to break but I knew that to improve my happiness quotient it had to happen, so I decided to make it happen.

The editorial plan is to drive hope, love and purpose by sharing ideas and information about the opportunities and projects, that I see on a daily basis. My mission with this blog was to practice writing each day, as a commitment towards becoming a better writer and more natural story teller. There’s stuff I’d like to write about and so much visual material I’d like to share but the most important thing, is if my words can inspire someone to make a plan, to think it through and to take action. To just win a smile, or share a thought with someone across the world.

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