The Art of Writing and Purpose of this Blog

The Art of WritingThe best way to learn to write, is to write. It is said that the best way to get started is to just begin writing. These are the steps towards the Art of Writing.

Some of us have always wanted to be writers and some of were naturally gifted in this expression, while others were educated in writing by having to write, then there were those others that needed to write to make a living, especially as we transition into the information-age. In each and every case, the quality of the written word is most valued when it succinctly describes and idea. The fewer words the better and the key to success is the emotion the writer is able to convey. We can see beauty in everything in our world, even the depths of hell can be described but can we describe the things we see daily, or visualize throughout the day, in an articulate style that can illicit some feelings and deliver some meaning to the reader?

To write well, it has to become art. The very symmetry of the letters as they slash into the empty white space of the page, is akin to a dance with the music from an orchestra. I can envision the conductor, in my own mind as I free-form these thoughts onto this page. We’ve been told to write whatever comes to mind, if you’re unsure about what to write about and that’s a little of what this is about. Today, for example I set-out to write about my new format for blogging and video production. This article “The Art of Writing” is the first of my new format, which is designed to; blog about the things I’m working on for the Youtube channel “Invest Offshore”, as well as the people and projects I’m meeting and learning about.

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I’m in a position to share a unique perspective. That of a tech evangelist who recommends moving offshore and living as a sovereign individual.

Here and from now on, I wish to express my ideas and write about anything and everything that either amuses me, or bothers me. Despite the fact that I’m interested in conspiracy theory and complete believer/proponent in digital currency and blockchain, I’ll try not to saturate this stream with crypto news or conspiracy theory. Also, I’m very interested in digital photography, cameras and video production, plus obsessed advocate of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of products including Photoshop, Premier Pro, Light Room, Dreamweaver and others, having said all that, this blog is where I wish to post my photography and video, therefore often times the photos may not be entirely relevant to the blog post but that’s because they’re the shots that are in my Light Room.

The strategy with my use of the Art of Writing is to use it to improve the quality and meaning of Invest Offshore videos by researching the topics, ideas, people and places.

A week ago there was a story about a skier, who was a Toronto firefighter visiting White Face in upstate New York near Lake Placid. He went missing and a massive manhunt ensued. His street clothes and backpack were found in the lodge at the ski hill but he was disappeared for 3 days, until he appears in Sacramento California in his ski clothes but doesn’t know how he got there.

Here’s the link – Toronto Star

Danny Filippidis called his wife shortly after noon Tuesday — roughly 4,500 kilometres from where the 49-year-old Toronto fire captain vanished six days earlier, prompting a massive search.

He was last seen making an afternoon run at a New York ski resort at Whiteface Mountain in Lake Placid, N.Y., on Feb. 7.

She told him to call 911 and get help. So he did — and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responded.

Filippidis was found alone near the rental car terminal of Sacramento International Airport, still wearing his snow pants, jacket and had his goggles and ski helmet.

“We don’t know how he got there,” said Sacramento police Sgt. Shaun Hampton.

How or why Filippidis travelled across the United States without telling anyone remains a mystery.

“He wasn’t able to give those answers,” said Frank Ramagnano, president of the Toronto Professional Fire Fighters’ Association, who added that Filippidis seemed confused and needed medical help.


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