Collapsing of the Dam that ends the Game


The Collapsing of the Dam that ends the Game

Duality is the 3D game of the Elite.

Trapped in between the experience of Love and Fear we have been imprisoned.
Unable to see.
Unable to know.
Unable to ascend.
Our souls trapped in the human mind and body.

We forgot in the moment we are born that we are actually divine Love.
We forgot that our soul connects our higher divine Self our Spirit to the human experience we are born into.

We start the experience of fear in feeling connection to All, to feeling We Are in the womb in one moment and the cutting of the umbilical cord in the other.
The I Am is the experience we seek.
The I Am is what the Elite played down over centuries into the co dependence Duality game of organized religion, politics and societies.
This is what has separated humans from their divine blueprint, birth right and internal driving force.
Lost we became.

And so the the game begins.

After birth we continue to seek that feeling of connection in desperate attempts to re experience unconditional Love.
A craving so deep, coming from somewhere behind the veil of amnesia, where the taste of Love still lingers in our mouth.
We crave to feel the wholeness, the acceptance, the belonging, the pleasure of true joy.

We forgot this is all inside of us.
The access to our divine innate frequency of Love we can experience and connect to at any moment.
Just like we can tap into the low dense frequencies of fear.
This access was cut off.
Like a dam that stops the flow of water.
Humanity was cut off from the flow of Love.

The game of life is to find connection with yourself and to the Love in yourself.
To sift and sort through all experiences and emotions.
And to wake up in the end to find out it was there all a long.
Inside of us.
The connection with the divine Spirit of God that flows through us.
The higher Christ consciousness that is in us all if we choose Love.

It was there a along.
It was all an illusion.
We just got distracted by the game.

The game
Duality is the actual fear that separates you, life and the world around from the Love and from your divinity.
We slowly give up the memory of the taste of Love we once carried inside.
In our human need of a status quo of safety and normality we fall for the risk that is so smartly played by our evil opponent “the Elite enemy”.

The Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State kept humanity prison in there systems of government and financial powers, institutions of religion to claim God and Love.

The prison they build was one of mental programming to keep you operating in survival mode on the frequency of Fear, Shame and Guilt.
You were programmed to believe and therefor experience concepts of Hell, Death, Disease, War, Terrorism etc. etc.
Concepts that were paid for with your tax money and rolled out by your own governments and churches who you trusted.
Media, Big Pharma, Banks, Education all played there part in the Dam that build the illusion of a so called democratic peaceful educated sophisticated society.

But behind the prison wall of this Dam, the evil Satanic agenda was ruling behind the scenes.
Through treason, false legislation in scripture and history books, manipulation, fraud and psychological narcissistic Mind games your where lulled to sleep for generations.
Unaware of the evil rituals and spells.
Unable to grasp the torture that was being executed.
Slowly humanity forgot it’s origins.

We accepted that we are not Love.
We accepted that we are not divine.
We integrated the illusion in our society and families and start playing in this game of fear.

We protected our heart and our Love because we fear no one would believe us.
Because somewhere deep down inside we all hear the voice of our soul telling us “You are divine”
But we get punished for thinking outside the system and for standing up that we are special.
Spirituality was ridiculed, bad mouthed and even punished.
So we fawned into submission and adapted to the game of the Elite by earning a living, paying tax and playing small.

Our souls hungered and cried behind the prison wall of the dam, unable to connect to us.
Connection to our higher Self requires positive thoughts, believes and the knowing that I AM and WE ARE divine.


Until we can now no longer participate.
Until we revolt against the rules of this game of adapting and pretending.
Because we see through the walls of Illusion.
Until the Dam needs to go down.

To break the dam wall that was created to stop the flow of free energy.
This dam has become unbearable for old souls and free thinkers.
Your and my old divine soul want to break free.
Because we can no longer accept the feeling of discomfort, lack of truth, free flowing energy, waters, fresh air and light.

You know it is time for change but you just do not see a way out.

This is when we need someone or something outside of us to happen and overwhelm.
This is where Q is the plan to save the World comes in.

With a trigger so huge it forces the cracking of the dam that causes the unconscious separation of Duality the game will end.

The dam of the 3D reality that was created and accepted as normality will fall.
The concept of reality that trapped and separated the world and humanity into Duality:

Wrong – Right
Good – Bad
Kind – Unkind
Wanted – Unwanted
Safe – Unsafe
True – False
Light – Dark

The accepting of contrast in our experience is the end of this Duality where we our deceived to deserve the one positive side if we are in the game.

The crashing and collapsing of the dam is like the opening of the gates to flood you with all that was denied suppressed and hid at once.
The wall of the dam that separated you from the whole truth.
The evil of the Elite.
Even You and I will be scared of that truth.
Imagine how we will all be shocked.

Evil is.
Dark exists.
Contrast is very real.

A major scare event in ones life can be a divorce, accident, illness, death, labour.
Necessary for big change.
A big awakening to make you realize there is more to life then your physical existence

When the wall comes crashing down, because you can no longer hold it up.
When everything seems to drag you away, pull you under, flood you.
A shock of emotions and impressions.
The force and the unexpected smash with what you see, hear, taste, touch and feel.
Once denied and suppressed in your unconscious.
This overwhelm in your senses causes major stress, disbelieve, anger and despair.

When the dam wall is down, you can not see what is up, what is down.
You feel you are drowning in the flood.
You feel lost.
You feel broken.

The major scare event and the crashing of the dam is the actual best thing in life.
It is the start of the new.
It is the coming together of all.
It is the start of the healing.
The coming together off all pieces.

Autonomy is the acceptance, integration and transmutation of darkness into Light.
The end of duality.

At first the flood of water will scare you.
Then you realize you were in prison all along and that is a hard pill to swallow and accept.
You thought you were safe and understood your life and your world and yourself.
It is only after this phases of resistance against the new reality, you can start feeling you have a choice to step into the light and to swim in this water.
Give yourself time for this phase.

Your eyes will get used to the light and you will heal from the pain of the dark.

When you accept there is contrast in all life you can integrate both sides and choose for the highest good.

Because only Love is real.
Fear is but the illusion in the game.

If we stop feeding it by fighting, denying and obeying it, it has no power.
Duality is the temporary need to feel our way through energy. In order to define what feels right, what increases your evolution, you label and sift and sort your way through life.

When the game ends heaven starts.

Scare events in our life help us to redefine the labelling we have done or that was done for us by our parents and society.
When you think everything comes crushing down and you loose everything.

It is actually a major chance in your life to break free out of the Duality prison you came to accept.

Let it all come crashing down.
Broaden your consciousness and create a new narrative in your life.
Question everything.
Redefine everything with the discernment you learned during the game.

Dare to dream and feel what you truly desire, deserve and are.
Divine Love.
Do not accept labels of duality to hold you back.
Do not become a prisoner of your own duality.
Let life scare you.
And trust that more light can shine in when the wall cracks.

End this game.
Let the dam wall break.
Let the whole truth flood.
Nothing but the truth.
Dark to Light.
Start heaven on earth.
Only Love is real.

Sending love into this world ❤️❤️❤️


Danïelle Stotijn

Dam Photo credit: sylvar on

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