Peace and Prosperity After Truth is Revealed

And then suddenly the sun broke through the clouds and the wind slowed to a gentle breeze. Even the birds stopped cawing, just for a moment. The storm had broken and the calm peace has returned to the land.

It’s natural to alter our living patterns when a storm is upon us, we instinctively protect ourselves and take less chances. Consider that we have been living during a war, sure it’s biological but a war just the same and so instinctively we adapt our lives to survive.

History has shown that war ends abruptly, without prior warning long battles for survival that have lasted for years or even decades, come to an end in an instant. History also shows that victory is not good for everyone, many will find themselves on the wrong side.

Truth is the prize of victory in an information war and truth is not for everyone. Deception is the weapon in a war of words. The name of the game is called “winning hearts and minds” and nothing works as well as the truth for defending the high moral ground.

War is a numbers game, it’s all about attrition. The use of force is a last resort, if reason no longer works. When the use of dirty tricks, censorship and dishonest reporting becomes common strategy the ranks of fear-followers begins to shrink. When the ranks of the defenders of liberty reach a critical mass the would-be conquerors depend on more brute force and more sinister tactics.

Victory owns the peace of truth but it’s not for everyone, as not everyone can handle the truth. People like us never give up on the truth. “We the People” stand united and our ranks are swelling! Never give in, never give up and DO NOT Comply! (FJB)

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