Mastery of Emotions

hacking the matrix

The collective and individual healing work we will need to take on to clear out fields and grid of the lower vibrations we have been stuck in for generations. In order to ascend from he lower grid we must learn the Mastery of Emotions

I see people suffering from generational blocks and unconscious curses as a result of the matrix we have been held hostage in.

Separated from our emotional, transformational and basic human design, we live and experience the consequences of stress daily. Stress, pain and disease have become so common.

The shift will take place when more and more old souls clear their field and those of ancestors and future children.

The way out of the matrix is to learn how to master your emotions withing the human design of the Mind Body & Spirit.

Did you know that every time you talk about an unhealed wound or trauma, you re-activate it in your emotional, spiritual and physical bodies? As you speak, or even think, about an old issue, you experience it as if it is happening right now.

Since your subconscious mind does not know the difference between current experience and past memory, for all intents and purposes, the trauma or negative experience is happening now.

When you re-activate old painful memories, your thoughts, words and emotions create a negative karmic energy that you unknowingly project out into your future. This karmic energy manifests in more painful experiences, similar to the original issue. In other words, when issues come up without resolution, a karmic loop or pattern develops.

Each time this karmic pattern manifests in real life situations, you re-experience the original wound and the current hurt simultaneously. When this occurs, it is a powerful opportunity to heal the past wound by healing the current one.

Unfortunately, when an issue is re-activated, instead of using it as a healing opportunity, many of us react by pushing the wounds down with numbing substances like food, drugs, internet, Facebook, TV, and a long list of other distractions.

Unhealed issues get stored in the body, until we release them. The body obliges as a storehouse for emotional wounds but it does take its toll, especially if issues are accumulated for long periods of time.

Storing wounds in the body eventually weakens the body and invites illness and disease, as well as causing depression, fatigue, stress and weight gain. The good news is that the body is ready to release issues, the moment you are.

When an unhealed issue is re-activated, don’t just push it down – take the time to finally heal it. This means creating intentional space to feel your emotions and allow the issue to process through to Healing.

Once you allow yourself to fully experience these emotions for the first time, without resistance, you will innately know what path to healing is right for you.

Wounds are meant to be healed. We are not meant to spend our lives carrying around past issues and hurts. Unhealed issues weigh us down, keep us asleep and prevent us from consciously creating. It is only our personal issues that stop us from experiencing our greatest potential.

Holding onto issues keeps us limited and unable to reach that mountain top on your ascension path.

Working on healing your emotional wounds, understanding your triggers and deactivate survival mechanisms, learning how to feed and nourish your body on all levels to release your higher self and Spirit unlocking your innate potential is the key to mastering your energy field.

Mastery of the Mind Body Spirit teachings returns your power back to you.

Sending Love into this world

Mastery of Emotions Owl image by Chräcker Heller from Pixabay

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