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Orchid Pornography

Happy Birthday Canada! We stand on guard for thee…. here in Brazil (that is).  I will always love Canada but prefer living in Brazil.

Silicon Palms is now working on something unique that I’d like to share with you.

Over a year ago, I was presented with an opportunity to design a resilient community project for a magnificent mountaintop property, on an organic farm in Aguas Mornas, Santa Catarina. That’s in the rain forest (Floresta Atlantica) of Southern Brazil (with a view of Florianopolis and the Sea).

The property owner and I devised a strategy to focus on “Sustainable Forestry” for the revenue, to develop the project, simply because it’s the best use of the land but we stumbled upon an idea for disruptive innovation in the marketing.

The idea is to take the best thing about the rainforest, use digital media methods to monetize it into online content, and social activism to bring it to life as an organization.

The Plan is called Wild Orchid Brazil – Here’s the Orchid Idea Pitch

A Canadian Expat connected with a USA Expat, both were living in Brazil for over a dozen years each and never previously met. Together they devised a plan so truly compelling that anyone that heard the pitch would immediately endorse the orchid idea and at the very least give a recommendation to every single friend and family, without thinking twice about it.

Wild Orchid Brazil

Wild Orchid Brazil

The 2 Expats spent a year brainstorming and test pitching the orchid idea with big thinkers. It had to be sustainable revenue generated from the 10 acre property and embrace Social Activism for Environmental Protection and research into sustainable forestry projects. Amongst which is the conservation of Wild Orchid, which inhabit the property in healthy numbers. The orchid ides started flowing, which gave rise to the concept of “Orchid Porn” for Social Media (Facebook friendly) to fight the natural enemy of all flowers – Geo-Engineering and/or Chemtrail spraying (aka Solar Radiation Management).

We are now building our launch team for crowd source funding, the proceeds of which will be used for Grant Writing.

  • Sustainable forestry in Brazil is our Plan
  • The Wild Orchid is our Meme
  • Social Activism is our Method
  • Save the Rainforest is our Message
  • Champion the Wild Orchid is our Mission.

Promote the wild orchid as a Super Hero of air quality and the canary in the coal mine for planet earth.

We need your help! Please join our campaign. Your name amongst our members makes a big difference. Since our goal is to reach 1 million members within 1 year but we need your help to tell other people. We want you to love the Wild Orchid Project, so you’ll gladly tell all your friends. Our hope is that you’ll add your energy into helping us grow the most unique resilient community on the Internet.

You could own your own wild orchid in Brazil, with 24/7 web cam and dedicated web page (Facebook friendly), containing the Google Earth link co-ordinates, or visit the research facility as a special guest. Wild Orchid Brazil is a place and project like none other and membership has privilege.

Open Source systems enable collaboration, management and reporting to the community.

The orchid idea is pure innovation in the world of environmental protection projects.

Please subscribe to this Channel and join or Community at Wild Orchid Info.

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