On becoming a webmaster

Che Gavara monument

Che Guevara monument in Brasilia

The very idea that I can record my own video and publish my own pictures and information on webpages, to share with the world over the Internet, compels me to constantly try to improve my communication skills and learn more about editing, producing and publishing.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to website development, sadly however most people think that everything is about money. Yes, money is important but becoming proficient in a skill that can make you money is more important. Everyone must put-in their 10,000 hours if they want to become an expert at something/anything, that’s just the law of the jungle.

I wanted to become an expert webmaster from the first day I heard that word, and ever since I kept finding more software like Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Camtasia, plus a dozen other programs that needed to be mastered, in order to broaden my scope as a webmaster. The process can continue for ever, to me it’s totally enthralling.

Content is King; you soon learn. Curating, editing and publishing is where it’s at when you’re on-top of your game in a competitive niche online. It’s then all about becoming the authority in a topic, through the power of words and ideas. It’s anybody’s domain to conqueror.

Aaron in Brasilia

Aaron in Brasilia

Converting eyeballs (web traffic) into dollars, or monetizing the content, as they say in the Digital Marketing Experts courses, the best of which, in the “How to make money online genre”, is the Internet Business Manifesto by my former coach Rich Scheffren. (Note: coaching can accelerate your 10,000 hours learning cycle to become expert). This knowledge delves into product development, shopping carts, merchant accounts and everything related to revenue, including sales and marketing, in my opinion the most important aspect of online business development, however these are topics for another time and we’ll get to that because I just want to focus on this on becoming a good webmaster.

Becoming a good webmaster is the first step in learning how to make money online and at least one proven path towards achieving that objective. If you can learn to be proficient with WordPress, you can make money online. Once you become an expert, you could build a dream business to support a dream lifestyle.

The WordPress personal publishing platform is the most ubiquitous content management system on the Internet. The WordPress Open Source community is the largest group of programmers on the planet, in every country, in every language, involved in every published word online, there is a wordpress blog somewhere involved. Master WordPress to take the best first step towards becoming a webmaster.


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