Juan O Savin Quantum Healing Technique for Blood

Juan O Savin Healing Technique for Nano Razor Blades in the Blood came to me in the most mysterious way. I was thinking about the clues he had given in the recent interview with David Nino Rodriguez, some very specific places to look.

In my living room I always leave the Bible open to John and you should too

Climate is temperate in the Pacific Northwest and I live near the sea, so my windows are always open. As there are few insects, I removed the screens and allow the breeze to blow right through. I live in a corner apartment two floors above the ground and occasionally the wind turns the pages of my open Bible.

Previously the breeze had always turned my pages forwards, today the pages had moved backwards. The breeze must have come from the East side window and not from the sea, since my Bible was flipped several pages back from where I had left it open, to Chapter 7.

Jesus explains the technique for Healing in the Book of John. Juan gave us the clue that “19” is the “Power Number”, the answer to his clue is found in chapter 5 verse 19 in the Book of John.

John 5:19

“Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.” – King James Version (KJV)

Jesus Christ
Juan O Savin

In a previous interview with Nino it was revealed by Juan that frequency (ultra-sound) is part of the technique to healing the blood. Frequency aids in the anti-oxidization of nano (razor blade) particulates. He also said that we need to grow up, take a deep breath and face our fears.

Grow-up and Take a Deep Breath, we can do this!

To grow-up requires attitude and knowledge. Certainty of resolve and complete and total faith in God. You can’t heal miraculously without a universal power, within us but not us. The power comes though us but not everyone has full capacity, as a conduit of this healing energy.

Everyone has the capacity to heal others, with our hands, our hearts and our minds. We don’t have time to teach everyone, so we must grow-up fast. Urgency demands we need to use all our networking skills, to find the people who are best. Collectively we must master this group knowledge and work like bees to seek and teach more “hands-on” healers.

Technology is in our favour, as we have diagnostic tools, software and electronic frequency devices. Remember these are just tools, the power is “the Almighty” and being able to channel God through our hands. Frequency of ultra-sound is important too, as well as the location and the love (energy) present.

An entirely new approach to healing needs to be adopted. Jesus taught “the Way” to roll-out two by two, go forth and multiply. We can use social networks and online systems for managing the growth. The cost of service must be by donation only and practitioners paid by crowd source.

I suggest that we create an Open Source, Blood Healing Technique, online Community.


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