Your Soul Contract Review

Your Soul Contract according to Queen Romana

Do you know why you (the Soul) came to Earth?

You (the Soul- the I AM) came to Earth to live out your Soul contract via expression of FREE WILL equipped with the Power of Light Consciousness

Your Soul contract is everything to do with experiencing and expressing the greatest love of all.

The Love of Self / Self Love

In loving Self and practising Self Love -the Soul- activates all natural gifts, talents, and skills gifted and bestowed by Master Creator.

In activating natural gifts, talents and skills, the Soul then activates the natural link to Consciousness of Light…

That is the Soul shares the manifested natural gifts, talents and skills via their creation ie in Science, Math, Music, Linguistics, Military, Leadership, etc, etc.

In practising Self Love / Love of Self, the Soul demonstrates the Love of Master Creator of Consciousness of Light.

Now the question is…How much do you love yourself? 😊

😊 How many of you know that you have a true self / higher self, a twin as referred to in 3rd dimensions?

Your true self lives in the higher realms / in higher vibrational frequencies…

On Earth it’s referred to as intuition but it is in reality your higher self guiding you 😊

Your higher self/ true self is not tainted by 3rd dimension duality energies /old earth.

I AM or IM Not “Test Clause” in Your Soul Contract

Here’s an exercise to know how much you love your self/ self love.

1) write down at least 10 things you do in a day (big or small, it matters not).

soul energy

2) next to each item, write down [ I AM] or [ Not I AM – done for the benefit of others]

3) Once you have all 10 items, look at for whom was that action/manifestation for, for I AM or for not I AM. Check the appropriate box.

4) Count out of 10, how many were done for I AM, and how not for I AM.

5) Then, divide the total of each category [I AM] or [not I AM] to get the percentage…That will show you where you need to begin adjusting your priorities and to begin giving more love to your self.

6) continue this exercise until your consciousness and awareness is solidify.

caveat…this exercise will pull on your heart strings IF you have not been practising detachment up until this point

Soul Contract Disclaimer

Yes many have deviated from their Soul contracts [due to ego, greed, love of power, influenced by 3rd dimension human family members, free will].

By loving your Self / love of Self – you will begin to remember your Soul Contract…You will also experience realignment with your higher self / true self. And, your physical environment on Earth will experience healing as well.

IF you do not practice self love /love of self…

You cannot truly love others…It’s fake love (ego based)

For you cannot give love to others that you – your self have not yet felt/experienced.

Play on words…
Self Love vs. Self Less (the devaluation of self)

💫Her Majesty I AM Queen Romana @romanadidulo💫 Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Gov’t, Queen of The Kingdom Canada, [2021-12-02 11:58 AM]
~The Kingdom of Canada ~

Now, on to our earthly work 😁
How many Aid Boxes do we have from Ontario, Canada already packed ready for shipment to Merritt British Columbia Canada?


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