Things I Learned from Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory is where all social knowledge comes from. Ideas begin as a theory and often become fact. There are so many of them that collectively they out-stack science history in their volumes.

Obviously the term conspiracy theory is vague, that’s what made it stick as an insult. Like the very notion that we should question an official story is a bad thing. Like the only one who should have a theory is a scientist. Imagine the audacity to be suspicious of a Government Intelligence Agency?

“As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it.”

Albert Einstein

Things I learned from Conspiracy theory is not to believe everything on face value AND even Albert Einstein has a conspiracy back-story. You see, it’s often that we’re missing vital details about someone in history, then that person is connected to another person. It takes two, or more.

Another thing I learned about conspiracy theory is that truth is often exposed. Love when truth gets exposed, it’s like a great discovery. It’s such great fun exposing truth, it’s mankind’s favourite pursuit. Everyone likes busting the myths, it’s become an obsession for many.

Climate Crisis Theory

Climate crisis theory is the most modern conspiracy to crack. We know weather weapons exist. We know about Geo-engineering and all the patents surrounding Solar Radiation Management and thanks to scientific fact we learn that earth is in a grand solar minimum.

The most fun thing about conspiracy theory, is when the founder of the Weather Channel spills the truth, or a scientist turns whistleblower. Facts and data is how we bust myths and expose truth.

Exposing truth provides better dopamine than drugs. Behind every great conspiracy lays a liar and a flaw. The fun is in finding the flaw and exposing the liar. I wish for more.

Photo by Dima Kosh on Unsplash

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