Perfect Timing

Now that it’s a blue moon I’ve run out of excuses for not writing more often, especially since both business and personal life have been very exciting and rewarding. It’s now time to step-up my efforts towards gaining more momentum.Jack Sparrow

If you were waiting for the opportune moment ….
that was it.
Captain Jack Sparrow
“Pirates of the Caribbean”

A few weeks ago I was attending the Casino Affiliate Programs annual conference and expo in Amsterdam, where I met with industry experts and learned inside information about affiliate marketing and obtained more insight into the future of online gambling. My main project in this industry, WinningStreak has now been successfully rebuilt into an Affiliate Network, software and systems have been installed to serve, track, and report on banner advertising across the web. An Affiliate Marketing system is now ready on the new winning streak server located in Frankfurt Germany, the Blog has been rebuilt and the site transformed to become a bleeding-edge marketing system for online gaming companies.
In a few days I’ll be traveling to Montreal to attend the biggest of the industry events called GIGSE (Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo) where I have several important meetings set to negotiate contracts for the new Network. After Montreal I’ll be traveling to Vancouver and then to visit my family for a few days before returning to Vancouver for more meetings, then on to Los Angeles to iron-out arrangements for the upcoming Loyalty Program and debit card to be implemented on another new project called the RevPay Card – (payment solution for affiliates).
My North American journey ends in South Florida where I’ll be attending the Strategic Profit System seminar on July 14/15. Then I’ll be returning to Brazil to begin expanding my infrastructure, renting an office, hiring people and cranking up the business.
Carpe Diem! (seize the day).
Oh, and as for the blue moon?
NASA Science News for May 30, 2007
This Thursday evening, May 31st, the moon over North America will become full for the second time in the month of May. According to folklore, that makes it a blue moon. But will it really be blue? Believe it or not, blue-colored moons are possible. Read today’s story for a look at the folklore and physics of blue moons.


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