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Rich Schefren was introduced to me by Mike Filsaime in an email just prior to the release of the Internet Business Manifesto. As a self professed information junky, with a penchant for self improvement, this document truly struck a chord with me. I keep a categorized folder just for eBooks and usually open new ones to make sure they’re scanned for viruses and ready to read, then come back later in the day to check-out what I’ve downloaded to read.

Acrobat is truly a “killer ap”, especially since it’s so dominant to have become the “standard” but personally speaking because it enables me to consume information at a high rate of speed. I use a 21 inch monitor, open the PDF to full-page width and breeze through pages using the scrolling and paging buttons. Usually I fly through information but this time something was different, something caught my eye and engaged my sense of curiosity. My attention was captured and I began reading every word of the Manifesto the very first morning, then I became completely immersed in the content, recognizing immediately the value of the information.
The first dose of reality injected into my conscience by Rich’s words were received as though they were written directly to me, by someone who knew what I was going through. Like he knew I had deeply-rooted dream to build an Internet Business. That first morning I was relishing every thought imparted on me but wasn’t able to finish reading the entire document due to scheduled conference calls and the pull to get me back to my own fledgling business. Later that same day I did something uncommon: I printed sections of the Manifesto, in the following days I printed more until I had a hard-copy of the entire document. Then I read these pages again during a long flight back to Miami from Brazil and shared this printed version with a member of my inner circle, as well as sending the electronic version to my closest associates.
From the first day I learned about Rich I was a follower, which is also uncommon for me but I’m very familiar with Agora Publishing to whom Rich is an Internet Marketing Consultant. I’ve been reading Agora Newsletters (Sovereign Society, International Living and others) for many years, so this enforced my trust in his experience and increased my need to know more about where he was going with all this free-knowledge.
Mike Filsaime now had more credibility with me and I started paying more attention to what he was doing and saying, plus took a second look at his products and services and also checked out a couple of other marketers that they recommended, attended a webinar with Rich and Jim Edwards, as well as watching and listening to other much-hyped marketing productions and youtube services from for example, but everything seemed weak and watered down compared to the taste I had of the Internet Business Manifesto. However, I highly recommend reading the “Death of Internet Marketing” by Mike and joining “Simple Ology” by Mark Joyner. Still, nothing resonates for me, with the same clarity of purpose, as the USP (unique selling proposition) from strategic profits.
Then came Rich’s turbo-hyped, major-failure launch of the second coaching program. I think it was in October of 2006 but I can’t even exactly remember and I’m sure Rich would rather forget as well. Plus the odd communication on his Blog at that time which referred to some minor discord with Agora Execs. I found the language from the promotion to be a little insulting, almost threatening that this was the last chance and without joining my failure would be imminent because I would be left behind some huge quantum leap. Everyday I checked Rich’s Blog and there were more and more negative comments from other disgruntled followers. However, it was never published and made clear exactly had happened but it became obvious that the campaign had failed. For me, this only attracted me more to watch how he would recover and what he’d say about the debacle. In my opinion recovery from failure is the surest sign of a true champion, since resilience and persistence are 2 key traits to success.
When the news hit that a 3rd and final coaching program would be presented personally by Rich, I had a feeling that this was my chance to take action and get in the program, where I could enlist or at least leverage some of Rich’s knowledge and expertise and have a chance to meet his Network. During the ensuing days I made a point of paying attention to the launch information and was registered as 211 of 1,500 in the front-of-the-line passes to evaluate the new program. So when I received the link to the program detail page, with the “order now” buttons I pulled the triger within minutes and guaranteed myself a position. I knew from quickly reading what was included in the program that I would benefit and also I knew from seeing the new price point that this would be money well spent for me – I couldn’t possibly go wrong.
To hire a business growth coach at Rich’s level and be apart of his Network was amongst the greatest opportunities ever offered to me. I was born an entrepreneur and my entire adult life have always wanted to build a successful Internet Company but was acutely aware that I lacked the knowledge and clarity to achieve my dreams. Now I have no more excuses.
After my first week as a client of Rich’s I knew that I had made a good decision to enroll in this program. During our first Q&A call, which was quite valuable unto itself, a caller asked Rich: In his opinion what was the most important new thing or technical advancement he’d seen over the past few years. (I think he was expecting the Social Networks or the convergence of Video via YouTube etc…). Rich Schefren answered about the instagram scheduler issues and something new to this effect;

… not to sound arrogant or be a braggart but after 2 years in preparation of Strategic Profits for the release of the “Internet Business Manifesto” that this was the biggest single advancement on the web. He backed this up by citing the record number of downloads, as well as the fact that his videos are the highest rated business videos on YouTube and that his site has over 2,000 incoming links in a very short time, not to mention the record amounts of money that he’s made.

I concur that the Internet Business Manifesto is the most significant single event to happen on the web in last several years. Other things, like Blogs have been around and growing for years – I had one in 2000, Social Media is as old as Yahoo, just that it’s evolved. Even video has been around for years but is now coming of age. However, consider the ideology of Mike Filsaime’s concept of Butterfly Marketing, comparing the age-old notion than a butterfly flapping it’s wings in South America could cause a tornado in Kansas (or something like that), the basic premise being that all things are interrelated and little things combined and over time cause bigger things to happen. With all that being said, imagine that Rich Schefren has caused an 8.0 quake on the sea bed under the ocean, in the beginning of which 250,000 people were aware (they downloaded the Manifesto). This is like the first ripples of waves hitting the continents of the globe. We all know what follows, but in this case it’s not just one Tsunami it’s a constant barrage of monster waves, spreading out in all directions, touching all people in every part of the world but the major difference is that no harm will be caused but instead good fortune, better products of all sorts and the advancement of the information age to all corners of the earth.
High tide floats all boats, to use another cliche that fits with waves and Tsunamis, I can tell you that even in 3rd world countries like where I live in Brazil new jobs will happen and knowledge will transfer, thereby bridging the information divide. Money will be generated from thin-air, wealth accumulated and distributed where there was previously none and all the while the damage to the environment is nothing more than the minds burning the midnight oil, plus that which is caused by whirring hard-drives and electric lights to help the wave riders map-out and share ideas.
In all the years I’ve been downloading eBooks and buying software and e-learning courses the Strategic Profits business growth system was the first time I was ever convinced that the actual delivered product exceeded the hype I was pitched in the marketing materials, which coercing me to make the purchase. If you’re a person with a dream of having your own Internet Company then I highly recommend that you take action and get involved in Strategic Profits, Business Growth System.

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