Greed Kills in the Year of the Pig

Greed Kills in the Year of the Pig
Greed Kills in the Year of the Pig

Global Currency Reset (GCR) is happening as 195 countries all belly-up to the trough, the little ones trying to squeeze their snouts into the food, which is gold-back crypto (money). While the big pigs grovel up the lions share and snap and snarl in rage as they trample the smaller pigs into the shit-stained, blood-soaked mud of debt.

Once the reset is announced then the same scene will play-out over again, this time it will be the public acting as pigs that know there’s not enough for everyone, a myopia sets-in and brother and sister piglets that were once laying in the sun and playing in the pond are now enraged with lethal hatred and not a single sign of care for each other, the love is gone.

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Get ready for a GCR

People would ask, why didn’t they tell us sooner that they were going to create a new currency, well they did and some people knew but not others. Keep in mind too, that all the media of the world is owned by just 5 conglomerates, controlled by a handful of folks who want to do the right thing and protect the public from harming thmselves, and God forbid, stop working to keep the racket operating.

In many ways it’s not such a bad thing, this GCR, as it does bring people closer to oneness, in an odd sort of way. Eventually the people will take back control of society and break the chains of bondage to central banking type systems but there needs to be a purge and forging process, in order to pound out something new on the other side.

Let’s face it, some countries were corrupt beyond any possible reason, or hope for repair and probably Iceland was the only country without widespread corruption. All of them had it embedded since the beginning which has now metastasized in the central banks of all other 194 countries. So this teaches us that a purge must take place and a reset needs to happen in the process that manage the affairs of each and every Government.

Our systems have failed us, therefore we must each become the change we wish to see and begin acting in the most upstanding way possible, by also helping other people and treating everyone in our path fairly. If we act fairly, then it’s set’s an example and begins to put a line back in the sand, where the rule of law can be defended. I am not law enforcement, just an individual that stands for treating each and every person fairly.

The key to great new systems, that we could use for collaboration in the development of new societies, and begin to replace these failed systems which are currently in place, is that we each become an integral part of the new justice system. We bring that credo and find others, that prefer to inhabit and respect the rule of law.

Going forward we must agree to not expect a Nanny state agency to get involved in any more of our grievances. Forget the old system, it’s broken, don’t feed any more problems into the already broken system. We are now the new system, therefore we must learn to solve our difference by ourselves because the commitment we each carry is to the rule of law but none of us is the judge, the new system is the arbitrator, via proxy and consensus, just fair and simple justice of a liquid democracy.

In other words, in your own sphere of influence, do not allow anyone to be unfairly treated. And if an injustice has occurred, as will happen more and more often, due to a rapidly shrinking money supply, where competition for less and less jobs makes people aggressive and confrontational, then report the infraction, alert your team and carry-on with your own objectives. Do not make enforcement of infractions your new objective, move-on and let the team decide what next steps need to be taken to atone for a mistake. Everything must remain peaceful, avoid conflict at all cost.

Team building towards liquid democracy, where each cell of the organization, is the same as every other cell and in connects every living soul into a quilt of caring and respectful individuals, all trying to help make things better for those who are nearest us and everyone in between.

The future societies will be grass-roots, organically grown, community focused collectives, that embrace consensus via referendum and solve problems for people in need, while sharing resources equitably. Hence; the Share the Growth, Liquid Democracy.

We don’t need to be governed, we need to refocus our thinking and become the change.


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