Darkness into the Light

Darkness into the Light - Lion Dance
Darkness into the Light

Loose cannons sink ships and if the destroyer has big-guns and you’re in a row-boat you ought best to rethink your head-on approach. In order to defeat a bigger enemy we need stealth and cunning and take care of what we say. The words are the weapon and in the war of words the platform with the bigger truth will win, only by precision tactics, word by word.

It’s horrible to use war metaphors but the fact of the matter is that the beast system is Roman and you must render unto it, if you want to live in Rome. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t render unto God that which is God’s but the thing about surviving in Rome is that you won’t unless you know how to become Roman when the daggers come out.

In each one of us, we have the dark nature of survival, a primordial instinct to conquer things, no matter what and often at all costs. Therein lays the double edge sword, as we couldn’t exist as a species if we didn’t compete but it can’t be destructive to everyone and everything around you, there must be a symbiosis of teamwork, inclusive of more people, in all steps of success.

Transparency and open source are the great keywords to express my point on this topic. Today everyone can be an independent contractor and live in almost any country and travel far and wide, enjoying the best of everything the world has to offer. And when you get out there, on the beach or to watch that perfect sunset, you want to remember fondly all the people who you met along the way and try to see them smile in your mind.

We are the light, each one of us. We have a responsibility to face whatever storm might come next but to remain strong and fast to the rule of law and to treat other people as you wish to be treated yourself. Just those two simple things and we’ll force the darkness into the light.

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