Q-Anon Rocks Japan

Q-Anon Rocks Japan

Thinking Q-Anon doesn’t exists, or is a hoax or bogus theory is like saying 5G has no health risks, as Time Magazine did, dishing up fake news with the propaganda piece called: Everything You Need to Know About 5G where they make the following statement:

But health concerns circulating online about 5G networks have no basis in science.

Alex Fitzpatrick is a Senior Editor at TIME.

Parents For Safe Technology

The 5G Spectrum Frontiers is a Boon for Industry and a Devastation to Our Health and Privacy – Get more info: Parents For Safe Technology

Health Canada states: “The department also encourages parents to reduce their children’s RF exposure from cell phones since children are typically more sensitive to a variety of environmental agents. As well, there is currently a lack of scientific information regarding the potential health impacts of cell phones on children.”

I enjoy wifi and live saturated in waves I can’t see, taking full advantage of sending and receiving data constantly, everywhere I go and every single day of my life. I get anxious if I’m disconnected and freak if my website or email goes offline, almost can’t concentrate on other things if my webs servers fail to delivery my content to the web. I can’t recognize any ill effects of all my life spent soaked in wifi but I choose to take the risk.

Please don’t freak out about 5G, obviously there’s some good advancement or they wouldn’t have forced it upon us so soon after 3G, then 4G but the concern is that while giant corporation battle for market share and now that China and USA have made it a competition, there may be a tendency to down-play potential risks, in order to win the race for dominance. Just don’t let it be at the cost of another persons health.

Just to be safe, get the facts from Parents For Safe Technology but I also encourage you to do your own science by using several cellphones and some kernels of popcorn, put the kernels beside a 4G or 3G phone and call it, then put the kernels beside a 5G phone and call that one, as you time the difference. Just by envisioning this experiment you already realize there might be some danger to a baby. Try hard-boiling eggs and ask yourself how sensitive a young person might be, to things we can’t see.

Trump Rally in Japan, May 27, 2019

Q-Anon is real and necessary because this way, where we go one, we go all. It’s not meant to harm anyone or threaten, except for the evil people who read the codes being dropped, they know exactly what’s being said. Then droves of researchers from all over the world, especially in Japan where they love Q-Anon, search through the posts to determine if “past proves present”.

Darkness into Light

It’s fun trying to decode this heaven sent avenger, whoever it is. Who cares who it is? It doesn’t matter because the messages raise consciousness. It can’t hurt to read along and marvel for yourself, don’t make a judgment based on what someone else says. Just keep an open mind, and read the posts to learn from the sophistication of this spy craft and word smith.

The Deep State treachery must end. I for one believe Q-Anon is a top gun team of expert strategists, with Q level clearance, who know what it takes to win. This elite squad are marching forward, day after day, arrest after arrest. It’s relentless, constant and always anonymous. Boom! Boom! it’s Legion!

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