Ascension Guide for Newbs

Ascension Guide for Newbs

Ascension begins with knowing that you are not your body, where it ends (in theory) is that the body would no longer be involved and may be an impediment for some, which brings us to the point of this short guide.

What do we know about ascension?

Science points at the Schumann Resonances but there’s also climate change that we now know is not man-made, or it wouldn’t also be happening on the other planets in the solar system, massive changes more sever than earth are being experienced by the other planets, while ours shows signs of stress and obvious decay, blight even, from mankind but the reality is that something astronomical is taking place.

Space observing system of the Schumann Resonance
The Schumann Resonances of Earth

So we agree that something astronomical is happening to mother earth and she’s taking us with her (or not), would be left to fate, science or nature and in the end it’s a combination of all three. However, there’s something more to learn, and that is, that we know more about the possibilities of higher dimensions and power of collective consciousness, every day.

Winfried Schumann was born in Tübingen, Germany, the son of a physical chemist. His early years were spent in Kassel and in Berndorf, a town near Vienna. He majored in electrical engineering at the Technical College in Karlsruhe. In 1912 he gained a doctorate with high-voltage technology as his thesis.

During 1920, he was made a professor at the Technical University in Stuttgart, where he had previously been employed as a research assistant. He subsequently took a position as professor of physics at the University of Jena. In 1924, he was made professor and director of the Electrophysical Laboratory at the Technical University of Munich.

Brought to America under Operation Paperclip. During 1947–1948 he worked at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, USA and then returned to his post in Munich.

The Munich laboratory subsequently became the Electrophysical Institute, where Schumann continued working until retiring from active research in 1961 at the age of 73, though he continued teaching for a further two years.

Winfried Otto Schumann, the scientist for whom the measurement system for extremely low frequency (ELF) wavelengths; the Shumann Resonances was named after, was a contemporary of the great Nicola Tesla.

Ascension mechanics of the Integratron
The Integratron is the fusion of Art, Science and Magic

Perhaps the best case to study is when the Integratron was built. The Integratron is located in Landers, California, 20 miles north of Joshua Tree National Park. Its creator, George Van Tassel (1910-1978), claimed that the structure is based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials. This one-of-a-kind 38-foot high, 55-foot diameter, all wood dome was designed to be an electrostatic generator for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel.

Nicola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

All the we really know, is that there’s allot more that we don’t know, about ascension and for that matter; matter, energy, time, space, gravity and astrophysics. The best we can do is come up with measurements for things we don’t understand. So often it’s the obvious that is being overlooked but my point is that we are close to understanding ascension.

From my perspective, I felt compelled to metaphorically clean my temple a couple of years ago, so I stopped drinking alcohol and during that time kept a journal of my upgrades to recognize that I was learning more and faster than at any other time in my life, while consuming much less information. My discernment skills improved as the sources of my information sharpened focus, which still includes Drudge Report and Zero Hedge but includes several hours of Youtube daily, less an less input but better and better topics, trying to curtail false flag crimes, hoping the purps will be busted, meanwhile the mission is primarily ascension training.

Naughty Beaver accelerated my learning curve. If you’ve never heard of Naughty Beaver then allow me to introduce you to his videos but I will warn you now that if you watch them enough you will experience a breakthrough in understanding the energy, frequency and vibration of earth today and even if you don’t agree every thing he is saying, your mind will be stretched significantly enough to comprehend deeper concepts.

Ascension training is about temptation, yes that’s right but much more than what you might think, this is the simplicity of knowing the difference between dark and light, deeply and instinctively. The ascended masters became that way from practice of mental conditioning, total mastery is in your own mind, to learn that it’s not actually your mind (alone). Now we have hit the crux of this story, the part where you ask; if I am not my body, and my mind is not actually my mind only, then who, or what, am I?

Ascended master

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the Ascended Master Teachings, Ascended Masters are believed to be spiritually enlightened beings who in past incarnations were ordinary humans, but who have undergone a series of spiritual transformations originally called initiations.

Both “Mahatma” and “Ascended Master” are terms used in the Ascended Master Teachings. Ascended Master is based on the theosophical concept of the Mahatma or Masters of the Ancient Wisdom. However, Mahatmas and Ascended Masters are believed by some to differ in certain respects.

According to the Ascended Master Teachings, a “Master”, “Commoner”, “Shaman”, or “Spiritual Master” is a human being who has taken the Fifth Initiation and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 5th dimension. An “Ascended Master” is a human being who has taken the Sixth Initiation, also referred to as Ascension,  and is thereby capable of dwelling on the 6th dimension. An “Ascended Master” is a human being who has regained full union with his “Mighty I AM Presence.” When a human being has regained full union with his “Mighty I AM Presence,” that state of full union is referred to as “Ascension.” Technically, a human being “ascends” when he takes the Sixth Initiation, and not before then.

Nicola Tesla Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives on / No known copyright restrictions

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