Life flips on a Dime

Life changes gradually then in an instant flips on a Dime

Just like the procession of the Equinoxes our soul is similar to a planet travelling an ecliptic cycle that ends up where it began, back to one with God.

The precession of the equinoxes
The precession of the equinoxes refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox.

As the weather warms in spring we reduce the layers of clothing we wear in the winter, until we reach one or none, to be perfectly comfortable in our natural environment. Our soul adapts to change and evolves in our lifetime, towards a day in the sun at the beach, metaphorically speaking. That time of perfect peace and grace.

We each know, in the fabric of our soul, when we are truly happy, every soul’s perfect “day at the beach” is a different scenario and different set of circumstances, which has it’s own equinox. An equinox is commonly regarded as the instant of time when the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the Sun.

Systematically observing the sunrise, people discovered that it occurs between two extreme locations at the horizon and eventually noted the midpoint between the two. Later it was realized that this happens on a day when the durations of the day and the night are practically equal and the word “equinox” comes from Latin Aequus, meaning “equal”, and Nox, meaning “night”.

The equinox of the soul is a state of mind, an understanding of Self, like a realization or an awakening. For some it comes in an instant. No two planets are on the same orbit, as no two souls are on the same path to enlightenment. Once we know that Chaos is not real, that there is an order to everything and a divine cycle for every soul.

In reality, each and every one of us is exactly where we are meant to be, for each and every soul has a date with destiny and we all continue to orbit infinitely, simultaneously, around each other. Each and every soul has it’s own gravitational field and it’s own energy, frequency and vibration.

There’s nothing we can do to change astro-mechanics, we’ve been shown the great sign in the sky and those of us who have studied this phenomena, understand that there next comes another planetary alignment, this time with major gravitational changes for our earth. The Bible describes this time as the Great Tribulation

Revelation 12 great sign in the sky

Nothing can change astro mechanics, which may explain why the sign in the sky is mentioned over 100 times in the new testament. The sign itself, which took place on September 23, 2017 is possibly as loud and clear as any astronomical event could ever be. You can ignore the facts as most have done but that won’t change the truth.

I am suggesting here, that we each embrace this opportunity, to be witness to the greatest celestial event in all of human history. We are participants.

The individual spirit of each soul has a choice about how they want to address the implications of this knowledge. It’s now time to seek a day at the beach, so to speak and find that place in yourself, inside your own personal universe, to slow down the rotation, look deeply into to the core of your beliefs and ask God to reveal to you, who you are and what to do.

Dime Photo credit: Rodger_Evans on / CC BY-ND

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