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Color Palette

If you love Adobe there’s no end to the tools, resources and tutorials for the Creative suite and the King digital art design tool; Photoshop, that you can find online. However, good design is just the start, as it’s the color palette that will make a design stand-out and “pop” (as they say) and the use of multiple colors is the key.

Welcome to the new Color experience of the Adobe Kuler! They’ve been hard at work rebuilding and adding some surprises along the way. Create your perfect palette by choosing a base color and applying our Color Rules. Convert your color themes to Pantone swatches, then download them to use in desktop applications.

It’s not rocket science to choose a good distinct color palette but Adobe has certainly made it as easy as it can be. Some colors just don’t belong together, while others are inseparable. The correct use of colors can make even the most dry academic document better, or financial brochure have impact that causes the eye to pay attention, compared to a boring page of text.

I’ve noticed that Adobe has phased-out the name Kuler and yet that’s how I still find the resource that’s been around for over a decade that I know about, probably even longer….

Adobe Color Community Guidelines

Adobe Color is a an application that allows creative professionals to explore, create, and share color themes. Please follow our Community Guidelines to help ensure the community experience on Adobe Color is enjoyable, inspiring, and safe for all users.

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