Liberty is Free from Permission

Liberty is Free from Permission
Liberty is Free from Permission

Protect a Free and Open Society. Private property is your privacy, it belongs to you. ~ These are the words of Edward Snowden at the Bitcoin 2019 Conference, live by video feed from an undisclosed location in Russia, to an eager packed hall in San Francisco of people in support of his message at the core of which is that Bitcoin helps make the world more free.

Privacy is not a privilege. Privacy is a right, must be accessible to all.

Liberty is Free from permission is an interesting statement all by itself. To understand the enslavement, we need to realize that there is a war taking place for your mind. Your identity now has become much more important that ever before. Carefully craft your own sovereign identity.

Today is Lesson #300 for me, in A Course in Miracles, after which came the most awesome piece of literature, in the entire workbook for students.

What Is the Second Coming?

1. Christ’s Second Coming, which is sure as God, is merely the correction of mistakes, and the return of sanity. It is a part of the condition that restores the never lost, and re-establishes what is forever and forever true. It is the invitation to God’s Word to take illusion’s place; the willingness to let forgiveness rest upon all things without exception and without reserve.

2. It is the all-inclusive nature of Christ’s Second Coming that permits it to embrace the world and hold you safe within its gentle advent, which encompasses all living things with you. There is no end to the release the Second Coming brings, as God’s creation must be limitless. Forgiveness lights the Second Coming’s way, because it shines on everything as one. And thus is oneness recognized at last.

3. The Second Coming ends the lessons that the Holy Spirit teaches, making way for the Last Judgment, in which learning ends in one last summary that will extend beyond itself, and reaches up to God. The Second Coming is the time in which all minds are given to the hands of Christ, to be returned to spirit in the name of true creation and the Will of God.

4. The Second Coming is the one event in time which time itself can not affect. For every one who ever came to die, or yet will come or who is present now, is equally released from what he made. In this equality is Christ restored as one Identity, in which the Sons of God acknowledge that they all are one. And God the Father smiles upon His Son, His one creation and His only joy.

5. Pray that the Second Coming will be soon, but do not rest with that. It needs your eyes and ears and hands and feet. It needs your voice. And most of all it needs your willingness. Let us rejoice that we can do God’s Will, and join together in its holy light. Behold, the Son of God is one in us, and we can reach our Father’s Love through Him.

Liberty is Free from Permission Photo credit: Jim Nix / Nomadic Pursuits on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA

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