Silicon Palms Kaizen

Silicon Palms was always a kaizen concept as a business, developing websites is what we set-out to do. Design and develop online company start-ups. The original dream for the company faded over time and Silicon Palms became more of a web administrator and lost it’s start-up level spirit. The company needed some exciting new ideas […]

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John Perry Barlow

John Perry Barlow has Left the Meat Space

John Perry Barlow (JPB) was an inspiration, he was my hero. I will never forget that he answered the phone for me once and he was in London and getting a back massage, late in the evening. His voice was changing as he spoke, from the pleasure he was receiving but he had the decency […]

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Reflections on Amazonia

Belem do Para is on a part of the river known as the “Lower Amazon”, although the entire region is known in Brazil as the Amazonia. I could say without a doubt that it’s the most memorable place I have ever been, not for a single reason that I would have suspected (before I arrived), […]

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BitCoin MLM Opportunity

Amazing Opportunity

The most amazing opportunity in modern time in my mind, is the potential of algorithmic trading of cryptocurrency or FOREX and MLM (multi-level marketing). Trading systems can cream cryptos because they are so volatile but fundamentally, for the foreseeable future, they’re mostly headed upward, especially the ICO’s but this entire new “security” (same as a […]

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Belem do Para, Brazil - November 2017

Awesome on the Amazon

The most amazing thing happened to me, when I saw this river with my own eyes, experienced this city, and realized why they named it Bethlehem. I’ll be adding more photos here as I process my first week back in Brazil and first time in my life on the rio Amazonas Many years ago I […]

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Vander Zalm blows the whistle on Geo-engineering

Bill Vander Zalm and the Shocking Truth about Geo-engineering

by Bill Vander Zalm – August 14, 2013 We’re told that “Global Warming”, now conveniently called “Climate Change”, is a threat to Agriculture and therefore an issue of National Security. As a National Security issue, whatever they do to combat climate change, can be kept out of the public domain. For years, many people have […]

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Smoke in the Okanagan


Climate change has caused increasing amounts and intensity of forest fires in British Columbia and Washington State. This day we were experiencing smoke in the Okanagan Valley from Winthrop in Washington State, way down in the Cascade’s as we would say…. By Bala from Seattle, USA – Bleeding Skies Uploaded by X-Weinzar, CC BY 2.0, […]

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Canada at one hundred fifty years old

Silicon Palms and me have a place in Canada and believe it or not there are palm trees in British Columbia, especially along the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island but even right in the city of Vancouver, occasionally on a rooftop but frequently along the path of the beaches. Naturally palm trees in Vancouver are […]

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Girl in a wetsuit

Pacific Northwest Experience

Vancouver has been an amazing experience for me, the best British Columbia springtime in memory. My time here has been exhilarating and inspiring. The exhilaration is from the beauty of nature and inspiration from the young entrepreneurs I meet. The Asian business communities are thriving and one such great example is the China Canada Business […]

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Indigo Vancouver

Vancouver Calling

Over a month ago a friend gave me a special gift for my birthday, a report based on my name and birth date, to produce what I call the Indigo Vancouver message. Here’s what it said: Color: Indigo Navy Blue Jewels: Pearl, Sapphire, Lapiz Keyword: Responsibility Now it’s time for home and family, groups and […]

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