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Vancouver Sunset 2015

Vancouver VYVE Tribe Party

Oh to be twenty something again…. especially in Vancouver for the summer of 2019, to experience the most amazing phenomenon, a new type of party activity that is totally extraordinary and completely inclusive, alcohol free and totally insane (just the same) but clean safe fun beyond your wildest imagination. I’ve had the most fun summer […]

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What is ego? - Thinking New York

What is Ego?

1. The ego is idolatry; the sign of limited and separated self, born in a body, doomed to suffer and to end its life in death. It is the “will” that sees the Will of God as enemy, and takes a form in which it is denied. The ego is the “proof” that strength is […]

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House Number, Eight, Fish, Mosaic, 8, Number, Digit and Lions Gate Portal Opens 8/8

Lions Gate Portal Opens 8/8

The Lions Gate Portal opens from July 26th to August 12th, sending beams of high vibration energy to planet Earth, however the energies are at their peak on August 8th. Millions of web references saying the Lion’s Gate opens on the eighth day of the eighth month, activating the energetic power of 8/8 that many […]

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Christ Conscientiousness

Christ Conscientiousness is not Cliche

The Way was perverted into something other than what it was meant to be, simple and easy to remember. Christ Conscientiousness was to love God with all your heart and treat others as your brothers. That’s all, nothing deep or philosophical, just those two key tenets. So simple in fact that it need not be […]

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soul's flower

Free Heart, Free Mind, Free Spirit is a Free Soul

Free Heart, Free Mind, Free Spirit is a Free Soul was an expression from the manuscript of Dr. Nicolas Kimaz N.D. and below are a few more excerpts and quotes that Dr. Nic included to help make his case. Overall the story is an extremely rich and candid biography of the most extraordinary life. The […]

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pi the transcendental number

Pi the Transcendental Number

Pi the transcendental number has been stuck in my mind so much lately and the pursuit of a perfect compensation plan, that I just can’t stop thinking about it. My hunch is that in the combination of Pi and the Golden ratio lays the math for growing a sustainable business model. Logic dictates that there […]

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My Path to Peace

My Path to Peace

Peace is a concept that is much deeper when you internalize it. Is there a living human being that has no conflict, between the mind and heart? Sure the pursuit of happiness is what drive us but do we know the way? Please indulge me here, as I describe how I found my path. Do […]

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brain power

Breathwork, breakthroughs and brain power

There will always be two witnesses, in everything in life, and breathing is a perfect example. Inhale and think about it…. breath is everything…. exhale and forget about it…. you’ll just inhale another, and another, without evening thinking about it. Duality is us. Being in the world, not of it, using the mind to seek […]

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Self-sovereign Identity

Self-sovereign Identity and You

Who can you trust to protect your Self-sovereign Identity? This Self-sovereign Identity idea has me captivated, that your ID is so valuable that you can’t trust anyone to be the guardian of it, unless you’re an owner of that company. New business models had to be invented, just to make sure your ID is never […]

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Google's Project Glasses - In Search of Truth

In Search of Truth

My friend yesterday received a package from Google Inc. The news is – they are giving the prototypes of their latest Project Glass to fellow testers & android users. My original reactions to him were – “OMG, how did you manage to get them” … To which he said – “Im not sure how, but […]

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