For the Love of God

We’ve arrived at that moment in history, where we stand on the precipice of the abyss into hell.

The 101st Airborne, a division of the U.S. Military has arrived in Romania on the border of the Ukraine. So, U.S. Military has put boots on the ground, no-longer fighting a proxy war and some people think that this is a good thing. They’re excited, saying Bravo for America not fully realizing that war could potentially kill us all and every living thing on our planet.

For the love of God, stop the war.

Meanwhile, my own government here in Canada is still advocating for the vaccination of children. Our leader is insistently urging Canadian citizens to get the booster shot, despite the mountains and mountains of evidence that the vaccine is dangerous and does nothing to reduce the transmission of the still not isolated (in a lab) virus.

For the love of God, stop the vaccinations.

Canada is planning to launch digital ID together with World Economic Forum, the initiative removes the need for physical passports and can also be used as a combined vaccine passport and will fit well with the CBDC and social credit score. Canada is leading the way into hell and our only hope is a counter-coup in the USA, to take-back the stolen election of 2020 but as every day passes it becomes less and less likely.

America is suffering the slow death of a thousands cuts, from the ceaseless foreign attacks. The southern border is wide open, every day thousands of illegal aliens are streaming across. These illegals have no good intentions. At the same time, the dangerous illicit drug Fentanyl is pouring across the southern border and causing an overdose epidemic.

Last year, overdoses from all drugs claimed more than 100,000 lives for the first time, and the deaths this year have remained at nearly the same level — more than gun and auto deaths combined. Fentanyl is more of a threat than any type of corona virus.

For the love of God, close the Southern border.

The worst problem of all problems, is the mainstream (corporate) media, where 90% of their revenue comes from Big Pharma. The very people that are promoting the vaccine. All of these people working in the news media industry, are serving a master of deception. The plan of the deception is to destroy the Nation of America, to create a new world order, one world government.

For the love of God, expose the media, turn off the TV.

Then we have the assault on children. It’s nearly endless and most sinister and evil. Coming at us from so many angles. Worst of all is pharmaceutical drugs called “puberty blockers” and that leads an innocent young person to genital mutilation. Convincing a child that they can choose what your sex they will be, is pure evil. Nature has already determined the sex of that individual, from the day they were born.

For the love of God, stop this psychological madness against children.

So, here we are on the edge of the abyss. We’ve reached the end of the end of the road, where there’s no other choice now but to stand up and fight back. Surely, the future looks bleak, if we sit on our hands and do nothing. Violence is not an option, therefore our only choice is intellectual. Words of dissent and peaceful protests are the only weapons, against the evil tyranny we face.

For the love of God, write something, join a protest, or participate in the online conversation. We must stand firm and hold the line, we are backed up against the abyss. It’s up to each and every one of us, to not give up in our faith in God.

Photo by Samuel Svec on Unsplash

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